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  1. coolcorsola

    New “VSTAR Universe” Cards Revealed, Including Hatterene VMAX!

    Does that mean full art of the Sinnoh and Hisui cast incoming??
  2. coolcorsola

    More Reprints and 15 “Art Rare” Cards Revealed from “VSTAR Universe!”

    I’m already broke. What else can I give them! 😭 I want all of these beautiful cards
  3. coolcorsola

    “VSTAR Universe” Set Officially Revealed, Features New Art Rares!

    The texturing for me is one of my favorite things. If those art rares were textured I’d like them a lot more, but full arts still get some love from me
  4. coolcorsola

    Rayquaza VMAX from “Silver Tempest” Trainer Gallery Revealed!

    I think VStar Universe is giving us those extended art cards we've seen being leaked along with some alternate arts and those should all go into our special set in February and that's about it. I think CHR will take a bit of a break at the start of gen 9. I'd say we will see them towards the...
  5. coolcorsola

    “Paradigm Trigger” Secret Rares Revealed!

    Wait, who’s Brandon?
  6. coolcorsola

    Alternate Art Lugia V, Regidrago V from ‘Paradigm Trigger’!

    I don’t know, I feel like people just say that because it’s Lugia. I think the art is okay, but we’ve gotten a lot of great art this gen I’m not sure it’s in the top 5 for me personally
  7. coolcorsola

    New “Preview Box” for Scarlet & Violet TCG Releasing in January!

    Their typings look pretty obvious to me - dragon/electric and dragon/fighting
  8. coolcorsola

    “Arceus VSTAR Ultra-Premium Collection” Revealed, Exclusive to GameStop!

    $100 and for what? Two metal cards a coin and a playmat being the most unique things in here. They should’ve given us alt arts like the Charizard one. Why couldn’t they also do the regular V full art as a metal card??
  9. coolcorsola

    Hisuian Zoroark Promo Giveaway at GameStop!

    I preferred the set stamp with the Hisuian Typhlosion promo. Especially because Zoroark already has a holo in this set. The GameStop stamp just looks less appealing than the set stamp
  10. coolcorsola

    All “Incandescent Arcana” Secret Rares Revealed!

    Everyone remembers Mawile and Bede, the most iconic Pokémon on Bede’s team. What’s that, Hatterene was Bede’s ace Pokémon and they had the special g-max form of them that they could’ve included in this set as a VMAX? Clearly Mawile is what we think of when we think Bede
  11. coolcorsola

    All “Incandescent Arcana” Secret Rares Revealed!

    Wow so the two CSR are Serperior and…Mawile? So not Alolan Vulpix? That’s surprising…and disappointing
  12. coolcorsola

    “Silver Tempest” Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box, Radiant Alakazam, and More Set Details!

    So the Pokémon Center ETB, the actual box, looks exactly the same as the regular ETB. It’s only the outside paper that has snowflakes on it, but they didn’t bother changing the actual ETB design for the PC exclusive? They always do. How lazy…
  13. coolcorsola

    Mewtwo VSTAR, Suicune V, Leafeon V “VSTAR Universe” Alternate Arts Revealed!

    I hope this set gives alts to Pokémon that didn’t get one. Kinda annoyed Eeveelutions will be getting more alts….will make the set even harder to find
  14. coolcorsola

    Terastal Phenomenon, Paldean Wooper, Fidough, Cetitan, and More from “Scarlet & Violet!”

    But that’s also the case in the games. Every Pokémon can dynamax and get big in Sw/Sh. And not all of them have unique designs. Only a few have that and that’s called their g-max forms. Not just unique to the tcg, they all could get big and had the red clouds appear. It’s the same with this new...
  15. coolcorsola

    Terastal Phenomenon, Paldean Wooper, Fidough, Cetitan, and More from “Scarlet & Violet!”

    I mean, it’s not that awful. You could say the same about dynamax where every Pokémon just gets bigger with the red cloud above them. I think it’s tough for them to give each Pokémon a unique look. It works fine. I do think some look a bit weirder than others, but overall it’s the theme they’re...
  16. coolcorsola

    “Incandescent Arcana” Set Featuring Alolan Vulpix VSTAR Officially Revealed!

    My worry is that once the Scarlet and Violet era hit that they’ll move away from CHR only to bring them back later in the gen. But who knows, maybe they’ll keep them around
  17. coolcorsola

    Pokemon TCG “Trick or Trade BOOster Packs” Revealed for Halloween!

    What can we expect the pricing to be on this?
  18. coolcorsola

    “Heavy Hitters Premium Collection” in September!

    Yeah considering they could’ve bundled the Dialga V and Palkia V full arts not released yet and added their VStar versions for one special promo box.
  19. coolcorsola

    All “Lost Abyss” Secret Rares Revealed!

    They’re due next for remakes. They even been doing each gen in a row. Why wouldn’t we get them this gen?
  20. coolcorsola

    All “Lost Abyss” Secret Rares Revealed!

    Happy Kyurem is getting some love this set. Really heartbroken it didn’t get an alt though. Maybe when the gen 5 remakes come their way next gen (and a possible Legends Kyurem)…