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  1. Kaizaac

    News Some of the first Battle Styles English cards seen

    u/anon_ymuss on r/pokemontcg somehow got 3 Battle Styles cards in their Shining Fates Booster Pack! They seem to have been replacing the Uncommon cards in their Booster. It seems that this happened in 3 other of their Booster Packs.
  2. Kaizaac

    Standard Galarian Stunfisk V deck (Post Rotation)

    Post Rotation deck featuring Galarian Stunfisk V, it’s a cool card and I like it. (DAB = Darkness Ablaze) Pokémon - 14 4 - Galarian Stunfisk V DAB 3 - Galarian Meowth RCL 3 - Galarian Perrserrker SWSH 1 - Lucario and Melmetal GX UNB 3 - Jirachi TEU Trainers - 33 4 - Toughness Mantle DAB 3 -...