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  1. PaisleyParks

    Meet Gimmighoul, the Coin Chest Pokemon

    sableye's little brother that his mom forces him to hang out with
  2. PaisleyParks

    More “Silver Tempest” English Cards Revealed!

    You've failed to consider that 'Spoonful of Pain' sounds more silly than 'Pain Spoon' and is therefore the better translation. Though really, Pokemon is way less susceptible to Frog the Jam type translations so I think they should be allowed to mess with the move names a little if it allows for...
  3. PaisleyParks

    Alternate Art Lugia V, Regidrago V from ‘Paradigm Trigger’!

    regidrago posed like beeg yoshi
  4. PaisleyParks

    Regenerative Energy from ‘Paradigm Trigger’!

    Stall deck with this and like. Devolution Spray or something. That sounds like an absolute joy to play against.
  5. PaisleyParks

    More Revealed About Wiglett, the Garden Eel Pokemon

    My disgusting son wiener, who was born with no arms and every disease. I love him.
  6. PaisleyParks

    “Darkrai / Shaymin VSTAR Premium Collections” Coming to Walmart!

    Limitless says its most recent (and only) tournament placing was coming 54th at a regionals. Not completely unplayable though, it's better than Shaymin at least.
  7. PaisleyParks

    Armarouge, Ceruledge, Klawf, and More Revealed from “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!”

    The fire guys look like rejected Mighty Number 9 bosses. Like you asked a 7 year old to describe what their definition of 'cool' was for maximum marketability. Those are just straight up people in suits. Gallade if you let him listed to My Chemical Romance. The crab is funny doe :)
  8. PaisleyParks

    Shiny Eternatus Distribution at GameStop!

    讚 I wonder if they planned this when choosing what Etern's shiny should look like lol
  9. PaisleyParks

    Uri Geller Hints Kadabra Returning to the TCG in Upcoming Set!

    Mans got a whole ass plaque made dedicated to his heroic decision to allow cardboard with a very loose parody of him on it be printed lmao. I guess the publicity stunt is working though, since we're all talking about him.
  10. PaisleyParks

    All 100 “Lost Abyss” Cards Fully Revealed!

    Hate to be super negative but I despise the lost zone stank. Looks like Aerodactyl VSTAR is flying through a cloud of farts.
  11. PaisleyParks

    Amoonguss, Wailord from ‘Lost Abyss’!

    Amoonguss seems like a counter to a specific card that doesn't exist, like even in expanded there are very few cards that could trigger that ability. Maybe it's hinting at a new meta-defining hand discarding card coming soon?