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    BW/BW2 Fifth gen stat evaluation (Updating with 'Dream World' Abilities + moves)

    With so much potential and a great movepool (Butterfly Dance, Fire Dance, Bug Buzz, Gale), Urgamoth better turn out amazing.
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    BW/BW2 Why Don't We Hardly Have Any Details On The Storyline

    After I get a look at the Pokedex the first three towns or so, I'm leaving this part of the forums and avoiding the current events. I really don't want to know anything more about the story than they've shown us.
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    BW/BW2 A New Area To Visit After You Beat The Pokemon League In Isshu Rumor-(UPD1)-(UPD2)

    RE: A New Area To Visit After You Beat The Pokemon League In The Isshu Region (Rumor) You know, someone could've just thought this up after thinking on Masuda's statement. It's plausible to suggest there will be another area to go to after the game, and even more plausible to suggest there will...
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    BW/BW2 Anyone dissapointed?

    I would NOT judge them based on the sprites. I compared Zekrom to his in-game sprite and the contrast is disgusting. I will say that the white one is pretty off-putting, though.
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    (3) Live-Action Pokemon Movie?, BW Shipping, Isshu's Fighting-Type Legendary Trio Revealed; More Lea

    RE: (3) Live-Action Pokemon Movie?, BW Shipping, Isshu's Fighting-Type Legendary Trio Revealed; More Leaked Pokemon Info The trio is... different.
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    (1) September's 'CoroCoro' Scans Apparently Leaking [9/10]

    @SinnohTrainer17: Yeah, I see what you mean. I'll probably get used to it after awhile, anyway. :3
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    (1) September's 'CoroCoro' Scans Apparently Leaking [9/10]

    @SinnohTrainer17: Don't EVEN compare Tabunne to Chansey... -_-' I thought it was genuinely fake when I first saw it, and I still wish it was. It's just so... disproportionate. In a distasteful way.
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    (1) September's 'CoroCoro' Scans Apparently Leaking [9/10]

    @Chimchar15: Yeah, like the monkeys' attacks. :p
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    BW/BW2 No luvdisc evo

    @Pokequaza: Well, it was looking like less of an option as we drew nearer to release... I was almost convinced the two weren't related after seeing the school of Mamanbou AND the (wild?) Pokemon battle with one in the newer videos. All this means is, GF HAS to redeem Luvdisc with an evo in...
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    (1) September's 'CoroCoro' Scans Apparently Leaking [9/10]

    The starters are real... Processing... Honestly, I liked them all, so I'm not upset, I'm just taken aback by their validation. Suave Squirtle pointed out quite a few things that were wrong with the final evos, which I still think will look a little different. After I looked into Pokexperto's...
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    BW/BW2 Starter Evolutions confirmation.

    @Drakeman: You decide. I'm thinking: design of starter evolutions on Pokebeach is real, 'leak art' (whether it be anime or KS) of evolutions shown on Pokebeach are fake/fanart.
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    BW/BW2 Starter Evolutions confirmation.

    Eh, that's not the way I roll, Mucrush (lol). I'll remain aloof to the starters until 9/15/10, but you're right, I don't want to things to get all mean again. @Tarazuma: Yeah, and #3 is pretty unlikely, seeing as how every other translator has translated as such.
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    BW/BW2 The Isshu Region Speculation Thread (now with new larger map!)

    In the one of newer videos, you can see Team Rocket trying to take Ash's Pikachu at some sort of dock, and the plane is in the background. You can also see the light panels from the art in the clip. Sounds solid to me.
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    BW/BW2 Three Gym Leaders in one gym?

    Then who else will you fight? I don't ever remember a gym without "regular" trainers (with the exception of Blaine... ?).
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    Pokemon Best Wishes: Season 1 Episodes (No Season 2 Discussion)

    RE: Best Wishes Episodes I'm just gonna assume we can talk about trailers while we wait. The newest trailer (PJN) with the airplane in the background confirms: 1. There is an airplane for the Isshu Region (that has routes to Kanto?). 2. Ash will take the airplane to Isshu. :) P.S...
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    BW/BW2 Starter Evolutions confirmation.

    @ManhattanTheStar: Yeah, I'm thinking that the designs/concepts are real, but the 'leak' on the homepage is definitely fake (way too many careless errors). This interview supports such.
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    BW/BW2 Starter Evolutions confirmation.

    How does this confirm anything? Lolwut? Date of the interview available?
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    Dento's team

    Why did you leave out Baoppu... ? D:
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    Zekrom's shadow

    I have no idea what's up, but this sounds like a really cool episode. Though, I suppose we'll know about Zekrom's shadow before the episode airs, anyway. We only have to wait another week or two.