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  1. RedT

    News First 'Sun & Moon' English Set News!

    Oh no, GX are stage 3 rather than an effective 4 (don't have to evolve from the final evolution) Not that I was going to play in Sun/Moon anyway, but this would have been another dealbreaker.
  2. RedT

    News First 'Sun & Moon' English Set News!

    It's confirmed, I'm ditching my starter and using Eevee instead. Releeaaase
  3. RedT

    'Sun & Moon Premium Trainer Box' Product Image!

    There is a VS Seeker right there in the picture
  4. RedT

    Your favourite TCG card art?

    It's OK, but Celebi is at its best when it looks playful, both arts from Boundaries Crossed are too straight-faced for me. I think the XY93 promo art captures the spirit of Celebi better than any other Celebi art works from the TCG so far.
  5. RedT

    News 20th Anniversary Set in September + Surfing Pikachu and M Slowbro-EX!

    So many Machamp have 1st edition stamps that I'd rather have one without it Or better yet, no Machamp at all Man did they screw up back then. "Let's keep printing this starter deck forever and keep the 1st edition stamp for 1,000,000,000 prints" because everyone loves worthless cards! In Norway...
  6. RedT

    News 20th Anniversary Set in September + Surfing Pikachu and M Slowbro-EX!

    ew that glossy 3D Dragonite artwork and the wishy washy frame. At least the full art is decent.
  7. RedT

    P!P/Rules Are prize cards a good mechanic for a TCG?

    Also, to add, Pokémon could also use a real mulligan rule (like Magic) so if you get a bad hand you can shuffle and redraw 1 less card even if your hand has Pokémon in it. Furthermore, like someone said above, you should have 15-card sideboards (like Magic) for competitive play, so you don't...
  8. RedT

    P!P/Rules Are prize cards a good mechanic for a TCG?

    It's honestly not ideal, as it traps 6 cards away from your initial draw pool, which could all be energy, all be your mainstay Pokémon or most important trainers. The element of luck it introduces is unwanted, but they're kind of stuck in this rut now with all the cards referencing prize cards...
  9. RedT

    New UltraPRO Poke Ball Products!

    Quite a few portfolios are intended for use with sleeves, like the Dex Protection 9. You can even double sleeve. That said, while the Dex 9 is quite cheap for the quality (which is high) I don't think you will find it in a physical store due to it being a new company. If you can't order online...
  10. RedT

    New UltraPRO Poke Ball Products!

    Well, protecting the card from scratches is the minimum requirement of the product, ha :p The problem is that they split really easily, don't shuffle well, and have a lot of extra room at the opening where they'll be deformed with age in a frequently shuffled deck (the ones that survive for a...
  11. RedT

    New UltraPRO Poke Ball Products!

    No-brand penny sleeves are just as good/ bad as Ultra Pro, just use that for bulk. Edit: and KMC perfect fit sleeves are better than both and almost exactly as cheap, but they have the advantage of being meant for going inside of normal sleeves so when you do want to use them, you can The one...
  12. RedT

    New UltraPRO Poke Ball Products!

    Friends don't let friends use Ultra Pro protective products. Your sleeves shall split and your binders shall buckle Use KMC or Dragon Shield sleeves, KMC perfect fit sleeves for double-sleeving, and anything but Ultra Pro binders/ portfolios
  13. RedT

    News Evolved Starter Pokemon and More Revealed for 'Sun' and 'Moon'!

    Dartrix is vile, that was my one hope among the starters until now. Guess I'm releasing it and transferring in an Eevee starter again.
  14. RedT

    News Mythical Pokemon Collections

    Agree, I've collected all the mythicals so far, but I have certain ones I'll get 3 of, (because they're nicer) and other ones I'll get only 1 of. 1: Arceus, Manaphy, Genesect, Darkrai, Keldeo 3: Celebi, Mew, Shaymin, Victini, Meloetta, Jirachi Manaphy is kind of a "sacrifice", as I would like...
  15. RedT

    News 'Snorlax GX Box' in December!

    Between the card frame, the HP creep and the GX attacks, I can't see myself collecting any TCG cards from the upcoming generation :/ Much less play standard
  16. RedT

    General What is Your Favourite Color?

    That tone has got nothing on Bordeaux Red :cool:
  17. RedT

    Collecting Guide To Middleman Services & Getting Stuff From Japan

    Yeah I noticed that when I tried to find the Slowbro-EX blister a while back. As for import tax exemption, it doesn't help me as I'm in Norway, which isn't in the EU. But the threshold for import takes is around €42 so I can buy most things without paying the VAT/ toll
  18. RedT

    Collecting Celty's Card Collection

    Yep that's the channel! I wish his videos were more known in the Pokémon community, because Pokémon players need to 'get good' at protection too :D He recently made his first Pokémon TCG video about the battle arena decks, so hopefully he continues and his wisdom will spread among PTCG players too
  19. RedT

    Fun What is your favorite deck?

    Rarely do my favourite decks coincide with competitive decks. Usually, competitive decks are too straightforward and boring to me, I consider them tools to win and nothing more. My favourite decks are more mechanically interesting but not really winworthy. But my favourite card currently in...
  20. RedT

    Collecting "How Much is This Card Worth?" / "Is This a Good Trade?"

    Does anyone know the value of the Japanese Poncho Pikachu cards? I'd like to try and get them, but want to avoid being ripped off. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, it seemed the most appropriate place. Edit: Damnit, just as I posted I spot the thread to gather all questions like these. Going...