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  1. paulyd84

    Ultra PRO 'Seaside' Pokemon TCG Accessories This Summer!

    Lol is such a lazy artwork, but will still pick a playmat up to use over summer lol
  2. paulyd84

    Lusamine and Wally Unbanned from Expanded!

    No errata for Lysandre :/
  3. paulyd84

    Hop, Bede, Marnie Trainer Collections with Autographed Promos!

    These would be awesome league promo cards when it can resume!
  4. paulyd84

    Mysterious Pokemon Bus Spotted in London!

    Be a promo VT piece prob for the futsal football campaign going on! Esp as its so local community based and on an estate!
  5. paulyd84

    'Pokemon TCG Raid Battle' Game Play Style Announced!

    Even more black white throwbacks with the league badge, amazing
  6. paulyd84

    2020 Holiday Set Confirmed, Includes Missing Sun & Moon Cards!

    Charizard vmax deck.... mic drop no but i would say dragapult or zacian (seriously!) could be a possibility, would not be surprised to see another trainer toolkit with a new crobat v card too
  7. paulyd84

    'Galar Power Mini Tins' Images Revealed!

    Now evo is so hot they wont.. be a sun moon base for sure
  8. paulyd84

    August's English Set: 'Darkness Ablaze,' Plus Two New Types of Products!

    Prob just a little gift to local stores ordering these in to sell!
  9. paulyd84

    'Trainer's Toolkit' and 'Premium Figure & Pin Collection' Releasing in June!

    Fair enough im a collector first and player second myself, either way not too fussed as have all the alt arts too in a binder. Dont ruin aipoms claim to fame as the last SM promo thou lol just like XY.. had all them sick holo gym badges at the end then pokemon gives us a bleedin spirit link as...
  10. paulyd84

    'Trainer's Toolkit' and 'Premium Figure & Pin Collection' Releasing in June!

    It prob didnt really matter, no SM promos would survive the 2021/22 rotation when unbroken bonds will also go out anyway,
  11. paulyd84

    'Darkness Ablaze Bonus Pack' To Release With a Free Booster Pack!

    This is great but wouldnt be surprised to have a, a limited availability and b, probably only at target etc will be great for new players but collectors will buy stores out of these very quickly as ur getting a 2 for 1 deal here - i dont think will damage game much AND clears lots of backlog...
  12. paulyd84

    'Eruption Walker' Japan's Mini-Set for April!

    Golisopod could make alolan sandslash gx finally work in a deck!
  13. paulyd84

    'Pokemon TCG: Battle Academy' Announced!

    They never will support expanded in products like this.. but ive a feeling computer search will return at some point.. getting such a black and whitey vibe off of these sets it has to...
  14. paulyd84

    Worlds and 2020 Season Cancelled, Points Will Roll Over to Next Year

    They wont if keep releasing sets would be too much of an imbalance if too many cards in play!
  15. paulyd84

    Worlds and 2020 Season Cancelled, Points Will Roll Over to Next Year

    Im not surprised its (the venue in london) currently being turned into biggest field hospital in europe, pretty scary how big it is going to be... and is gonna be operational for at least 12 months.
  16. paulyd84

    'Legend of Galar Tins' Featuring Zacian and Zamazenta V!

    Lol ill come back when its a different attack and no intrepid sword mwa ha ha I hope its NOT but i think it will be similar to the sun moon lunala solgaleo tins and the cards that where in the main set
  17. paulyd84

    'League Battle Decks' Info Revealed, Replacing Battle Arena Decks!

    Bet u a 1 of the gx will be the alt art dedenee!!!?? Im excited
  18. paulyd84

    'Trainer's Toolkit' and 'Premium Figure & Pin Collection' Releasing in June!

    Amazing bundle looking forward to seeing this
  19. paulyd84

    'Trainer's Toolkit' and 'Premium Figure & Pin Collection' Releasing in June!

    Hes bound to get a tin or box or something but not seen any alt arts as yet? Prob end up being a new/inferior card Would love the trainer tool kit to be a selection of meta trainers similar to japanese products - still think is def a gap for this in our market without affecting booster pack sales
  20. paulyd84

    Upcoming Sword & Shield TCG Products for May and June!

    Im sure will be - the last 2 battle decks were 80% there , and the 3 new sword shield theme decks are a huge change in direction. Id say hitting a sweet spot of competitive decks and good value - big hopes for these Especially as "league" battle kits will be amazing for pulling in new players ...