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  1. Lil Brother

    The "E" Stands for "Evil"!

    Random rant time. Wiiiiiiiii. ...has anyone else constantly been finding the promo Entei card for the third movie in those "value pack" dealies? I have six of 'em! It's getting rather annoying to constantly find this same card everywhere I look. Oh, silly younger me. I remember how you...
  2. Lil Brother

    Ruling "EX Collector's Tin Soars!"

    An Articuno ex promo from an "EX Collector's Tin". An octangular little silver set, with pictures of a bunch of legendaries from sets like Unseen Forces and Emerald. And Entei, Raikou, and Tauros art that I don't recognize at all. Oh, and a window in the front showing its interior. I'll post a...