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  1. Lil Brother

    Monday, 8/6, Scroll

    I looked up every unfamiliar word in that on and it still makes no sense. :P
  2. Lil Brother

    Monday, 8/6, Scroll

    ...whut. o.o I'm confuzzled!
  3. Lil Brother

    Friday, 7/20, DP4 - Night Dashing, Moon Hunting

    Ooooh, I really hope Shining Darkness remains as DP3 outside of Japan. All this switching around just makes my head hurt. :o
  4. Lil Brother

    Monday, 7/16, Darkrai Pokemon Player Club Promo, New D/P Tins, Happy Birthday PokeBeach!

    Yay, happy birthday! 8D The new tins are pretty boring and expected imho. I'm kinda hoping for Dialga/Palkia/Giratina next.
  5. Lil Brother

    Friday, 5/25, American Battle Revolution

    Hey, that's Sean! :D Love him. And I just realized we haven't had an male battle announcer for the dub since the 4Kids era ended. Oh, and the "as well" thing (you know, how every episode of the dub seems to have the phrase "as well" in it these days) is carrying into the games too now.
  6. Lil Brother

    Monday, 4/9, Next Set, D/P Dub Preview, Japanese Metagame, Hoenn PokeRap, New Scans

    I thought the Hoenn Pokérao was cute, although I wouldn't exactly want my family to overhear it. :P The original version (which I assume was the one from the end credits of Pikachu's Island Adventure) sounded a lot better. The mispronounciations kind of add to the cornieness of it. The...
  7. Lil Brother

    Friday, 2/23, Mystery of the Lake Images

    Heh, the set icon is just "DP2". Well, that's pretty blunt. :P Lovin' the Lv. Xs' art.
  8. Lil Brother

    Wednesday, 2/10, EX PK and DF Theme Decks, Spring Tins, Manaphy DVD, Random Vids

    PBR video: Whoa, the graphics there are pretty astounding. And the shinies are there? Cool! How were they in the 64/GCN games? I've heard something about just an odd faded color with some sparkles... but these look impressive, purple Kyogre especially. Hmm, I would have liked for the tins to...
  9. Lil Brother

    Tues, Wed, Sat, 1/30-2/2, EX Power Keepers Scans and Set List, Meiji Promos

    RE: Tuesday, 1/30, Thirty-Five EX Power Keepers Scans Oh, I lurve Anorith's art. Hooray for unusual angles that give insight on the looks of Pokémon! Holo Energies! Again! Talk about overkill! It's a happy Pichu under a rainbow! :D And it's rare. :(
  10. Lil Brother

    Wednesday, 1/10, Pokemon Rules, Website Layout

    Millions of whats? Dollars spent? Games sold? I'm confused! @[email protected]
  11. Lil Brother

    Pokemon Pokemon - 2nd Most watched video on YouTube

    It is a bit annoying how someone can become well-known by making an idiot out of themselves. ...that poor Pikachu! ;_;
  12. Lil Brother

    How many Completed sets do you have?

    Oh, how I wish for a completed set. :/ Stupid EXs and *s, making it nearly impossible to get complete sets now-a-days.
  13. Lil Brother

    News about Power Keepers (?)

    Maybe he doesn't know what he's talking about. It's not unlike "official" people to confuse facts.
  14. Lil Brother

    News about Power Keepers (?)

    Most people are assuming Power Keepers will not have any new Pokémon. It will likely be just re-releases and maybe a few new cards from older sets.
  15. Lil Brother

    Monday, 10/30, EX Power Keepers, Other Stuff

    No, because then I have to find more than one version of a card! :P *points to his neatly organized binders and assorted card-carrying materials* Organized by set. Random note: Well-made sig, Pokémaniac.
  16. Lil Brother

    Does anybody here collect and not play?

    *raises hand in the air and waves it around violently* Whoo, yeah. Hardcore collector here. The gameplay and rules just make my brain melt, despite it being seemingly simple compared to other TCGs as I've been told. I'm working mainly on FR/LG and the sets since then now.
  17. Lil Brother

    The "E" Stands for "Evil"!

    Random rant time. Wiiiiiiiii. ...has anyone else constantly been finding the promo Entei card for the third movie in those "value pack" dealies? I have six of 'em! It's getting rather annoying to constantly find this same card everywhere I look. Oh, silly younger me. I remember how you...
  18. Lil Brother

    Monday, 10/30, EX Power Keepers, Other Stuff

    Aaaaaah, a new set? Ugh. I was hoping for a long break while we waited for the release of DP. I have tons of cards from previous sets to get, the last thing I need is more, especially reprinted cards! :/
  19. Lil Brother

    Sunday, 8/27, Card Review, Chat, Video

    I got the deck. :D No POP packs, though. But I got all three theme decks and four CG booster packs. EDIT: Pic! I agree with both Wal-Mart sucking and the event sucking. Where I went, it wasn't even an event. I just found Crystal Guardians cards on sale. o.o
  20. Lil Brother

    Ruling "EX Collector's Tin Soars!"

    No, I think they've been around for a while. I just found them recently. :P Thanks for the help!