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    Trades & Sales FT: Ho-oh EX FA and Gyarados Selling Ho-oh EX FA and prerelease Ancient Origins Gyarados. Looking for paypal, or a Greninja break deck core. Please comment or pm me if you're interested.
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    In Search Of GX/ Other Cards

    I'm looking for the following cards, hopefully at a value better than TCGplayer. I also have some cards for trade if you're interested. Thanks for looking :) 4x Eevee SUM 3x Umbreon GX (regular art preferred) 3x Zorua 3x Zoroark BKT 2x Zoroark BREAK 2x Tapu Lele GX (regular art preferred) 1x...
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    College Groups?

    Just wondering if any of you guys play in college. I'm going to Cal Poly SLO myself, and I was just wondering if there's any groups of students who play or test together. :)
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    In Search Of [USA] Slowbro's Wants: Pokémon, Trainers, FAs

    Looking for the following: 3x Xerosic 4x AZ 4x Bronzor NXD 2x Bronzor PHF 2x Double Dragon Energy I'm looking to trade or buy (if you're a verified seller) the above cards. I'm only looking to trade for the cards listed below: 2x FA Xerosic 2x FA AZ 1x Lugia AOR 1x Hoopa AOR (only looking to...
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    In Search Of [USA] Genesect, Virizion, & Ho-Oh

    Title says it all. If you have these cards, and are willing to trade, please let me know. Thanks! :)
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    Accelgor DEX Price Spike

    apparently accelgors from dark explorers are selling for like $20-30 now. Anyone else hear anything?
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    In Search Of Dark Patch and Superior Energy Retrieval

    Looking for both. I am looking to trade (or buy if you're a verified seller). I have lots of cards, so if you're interested in anything specific just ask. I'd prefer to get all at once, and I can make the deal sweeter if that's the case. (the sooner the better as well, as I'd like to have them...
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    Trades [USA] Anyone interested in japanese sleeves?

    Is anyone interested in Japanese sleeves? They're used but still look good, so I'm willing to value them less than new condition. I'd be looking for 2 ultra pro matte 50 count sleeve packs (for a total of 100 sleeves). This comes out to a value of less than $10, which I think is a very good...
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    In Search Of [USA] Archeops NVI

    I'm looking for Archeops from noble victories (or the dark explorers one I suppose). LMK if you want to trade for it, but I'm also willing to buy. Thanks!
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    Trades & Sales [US Only] Looking to Get Back into Format!

    Have: Giratina EX AOR Hoopa EX Aggron EX primal clash PTCGO codes old Ultra rares: Gardevoir ex Dialga G lv. X Hitmonchan platinum Ursaring Prime 2x Meganium Prime gardevoir ex Want: Scizor EX BPT M-Scizor EX BPT
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    Returning to Game / Staples to Buy

    I'm considering returning to the game after about a 1.5 year break. I've been looking at some of the decks popular now, but I don't really have any cards XY-on. Can someone give me a recommendation or list of the staples I should have for most decks in the format? (this will probably be XY-on...
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    Trades Anyone Interested in Bulk?

    I've got a ton of bulk I'm looking to sell. If anyone is interested, just HMU in this thread or PM.
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    Slowbro's one stop shop!

    Hello, I am now selling cards! :) Rules: 1. All pokebeach rules apply 2. Cards are mint/near mint unless mentioned otherwise 3. Cards are english unless mentioned otherwise 4. No world championship cards 5. I send my cards in a sleeve and toploader. 6. Tell me if you are outside the U.S. I...
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    Ruling Pokemon reprints?

    So I'm aware you're allowed to use reprints of trainers as long as there is a current one in format, but would you be allowed to do the same with reprints of Pokemon? (I know no official rotation has been announced, but for the sake of this question, assume BLW has been rotated but NXD has not)...
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    WTB Virizion

    LF 2 FA Virizion for $8 shipped.
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    Tropical Beach

    Looking for Tropical Beach (English, 2011 or 2012). I would rather do a cards and cash thing, but just shoot me some offers! Thanks! :)
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    Slowbro's Season

    Battle Roads- 12/x/x/x/x/x Cities- 50/30/30/50 Regionals/States- 0/50/0 Nats- x Worlds- x Total- 222 A little late but whatever. Was hoping to go to a few more battle roads, but I'm going to go to a bunch of spring ones. Scrubbed Fall Regs and misplayed T16 Winter Regs, but I still have a...
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    BW/BW2 What's there to do post-game in Pokemon Conquest?

    So, I just beat the story in Pokemon Conquest and unlocked some of the special episodes. They're cool and all, but is there some way to get back to being the hero? Or are special episodes all I can do? Also, how do I level up heroes? Is it done in the special episodes? Thanks. [hr] After...
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    Ruling Shred and more hp

    If I use shred from Giratina EX, on a Eelektrik with Giant Cape attached, would it ko? I'm not sure if Giant Cape is an effect on the defending pokemon, or if it's treated as the Eelektrik having 110 hp. Same with Aspertia City Gym. Thanks!
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    WTB Tropical Beach

    Hi, I would like to buy an English tropical beach (2011 or 2012). Please name your price (including shipping) and hopefully we can work out a deal. Thanks!