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  1. The Almighty Bidoof

    In Search Of European Red & Blue Collection

    I've been trying to get a complete sealed box collection for Generations. The only ones I'm missing are the European (I think that's where they're from) versions of the Pikachu, Blastoise, and Charizard EX Red & Blue Collections. These versions have jumbos instead of figures. Anyone have any?
  2. The Almighty Bidoof

    Ruling Lt. Surge vs. Porygon2

    In unlimited if you use on t1 of the game Broken Time-Space to evolve a Porygon into Porygon2 and use Porygon2's Download ability to copy Surge's Strategy's affect and then discard it, do you get to play 3 supporters during your turn or would the T1 Supporter rule override Surge?
  3. The Almighty Bidoof

    Ruling Jet Geyser Vs. Stealthy Hood

    I was playing Doll stall on TCGO, and my opponent used Jet Geyser. I chose a Flabebe with Hood attached, but the effect worked. Is this the correct ruling? Would having a Hood attached to my active prevent it from working?
  4. The Almighty Bidoof

    Ruling Blaine’s Quiz Show with babies?

    How does Blaine’s Quiz show work with the babies who don’t have attacks or Ditto Prism? The card doesn’t say you can’t play a Pokemon that doesn’t have an attack unlike Cedric Juniper
  5. The Almighty Bidoof

    Ruling Pure Heart vs. Clear Vision-GX?

    I was playing TCGO and noticed that after my opponent used Latios-GX's Clear Vision-GX, I could still use Keldeo's Resolute Blade-GX. Is this a glitch or actually how this interaction works?
  6. The Almighty Bidoof

    Discussion Ditto (DEP) in PikaRom?

    Do you guys think Ditto is a good tech in PikaRom for the mirror? Basically you can Full Blitz onto it and use Full Blitz on a one-prizer. What do you guys think
  7. The Almighty Bidoof

    Standard Pennywise (Baby Blacephalon)

    Pokemon: 9 4x Blacephalon UBB 1x Victini {*} DRM 2x Salandit ULP 2x Salazzle UBB Trainers: 31 2x Choice Band 2x Shrine of Punishment 2x Viridian Forest 1x Heat Factory {*} 4x Welder 4x Fire Crystal 4x Fisherman 3x Guzma 2x Energy Retrieval 3x Pokegear 3.0 4x Ultra Ball 4x Nest Ball Energy: 18...
  8. The Almighty Bidoof

    Ruling E-Hammer on Primal Groudon

    Hi, I'm planning on bringing a stall deck to Dallas. I have a question for the Groudon Matchup. Am I allowed to use an Enhanced Hammer if Primal Groudon has a Strong Energy attached (due to the Ancient Trait making it fail)?
  9. The Almighty Bidoof

    Collecting GX Ultra Shiny SR/UR/HR/SSR Setlist

    I've been trying to figure out the Secret Rare set list for GX Ultra Shiny. Here's what I have so far:
  10. The Almighty Bidoof

    Ruling Slaking vs. Giratina

    Would Slaking (CST) shut-off Giratina (LOT)'s ability? Slaking just effects "Pokemon in play" and makes no mention of the discard (unlike A-Muk and Garbotoxin) so I assume it isn't shut-off. But if anyone has a definitive answer please let me know!