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    Avatar the Last Airbender.....ends July 19th

    Well, I've been watching this great show since the start. The animation is outstanding, and the plot is even better. The show was inspired by Myazaki, so any fans of his might want to check this show out. New episodes are coming on the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, andthere will be a movie to end...
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    Ruling basic that charges

    What's a basic that can charge other pokemon?
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    Ruling xatu

    if the defending pokemon is poisoned, and i am poisoned too, can i use xatu to get rid of my poison ond put it on the defending pokemon, even though they are already effected by the same special condition?
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    Ruling best attack for 0 energy

    besides bronzong, what is the most damaging attack for 0 energy?
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    Ruling ITEM

    unown item (I)can search for trainer cards if other unowns are out. can i get holon circle with its power?
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    Ruling empoleon lx1!!!URGENT

    if my opponent used his power and took 2 cards from my hand, and my hand got shuffled into my deck, would i shuffle those 2 cards back in too?
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    which should i get?

    i am going to get some cash for doing work. should i buy cards online or get a box of mt?[/align]
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    makikng video games

    can anyone tell me a free program i can download that can let me make video games without scripting? thanx!
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    final fantasy 3 ds help

    i just got this game. i just got off the dragon's peak after "saving "that guy who lost his memory. I'm trying to get back to town, but the mountains are blocking my way! help!
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    Ruling help on fossils...dp ruins them?

    i know that dp fossils cost a prize when killed, but when dp comes out, lm fossils will not cost you a prize still, right?!
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    Ruling help a poor little aipom lover..

    aipom ufs power says you may draw a card. then put aipom at the bottom of your deck. question: can i shuffle aipom in without drawing?
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    worst attack game

    each person posts an attack that is worse than the one previously posted (you have to make it up) i'll start venusaur spit GGCCCG 10 damage
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    Swallow me NOW!

    each person lists something that can swallow some other animal. we keep it up as long as we can, then start over. ex. 1.i'll start. a cat can eat a mouse 2.a mouse can eat a bug 3. a bug can eat some grass... ok? got it? i'll start: a lion can eat a zebra.
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    ever messed up on rules during a tourney?
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    Ruling powers activated by evolving/ playing basic down. Help!

    here's an example: i play umbreon * down. i then get to use his power. I briny him back into my hand, then play him down again. Question 1: can i play a basic down twice? Question 2: the power says that i can use it once during my turn, before my attack when i play this pokemon down. can...
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    which game system do more people own?

    xbox, xbox 360,game cube, wii, or playstation 2? vote!
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    legal stuff

    i am going to make a video game stand, where people can rent games for cash. is there any laws against me doing this, or any permit i need? don't expect anyone to know, but if you do...
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    hours on wii zelda

    i'm going on 70 hours, and i'm near the last boss. how bad is that?what are your hours?
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    Wii graphics

    Are they any better than the gamecube?
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    zelda wii cheats

    i know that there are certain rooms that you can return to over and over again and get cash. any easy to get to places like that that you know of(not in dungeons)i am only up to the fossil dungeon.