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    Best snorlax card?

    To be honest, Danny, dp is the best one. It can stop retreating and do some decent damage with a boost. All the other ones stink.
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    Avatar the Last Airbender.....ends July 19th

    RE: Avatar the Last Airbender.....ends July 19th Great end, spirit bending didn't ruin the whole thing like I thought it would. Azula and Aang's battle was amazing. The music.... and the way they quieted down the sound effects....great battle. I watch that part over and over on vhs.
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    Avatar the Last Airbender.....ends July 19th

    RE: Avatar the Last Airbender.....ends July 19th It has begun! The Western Air Temple has just aired, and The Firebending Masters is on the 14th. The Boiling Rock Parts 1 and 2 is at 8 on the 15th, and then they air never before seen episodes on the 17th, 18th, and 19th. Stay tuned!
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    (2) 11th Movie Summary and 12th Movie Detail, New Server! [7/14]

    Myizaki is crying right now. The movie sounds terrible. Shaymin is just like manaphy, mew, celebi, and jirachi. A cute powerful pokemon who makes a bond with one of the charaters and then leaves. Fantastic.
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    Avatar the Last Airbender.....ends July 19th

    RE: Avatar the Last Airbender.....ends July 19th To watch episodes for free: go to and search in videos for "avatar full length episodes" A whole bunch of avatar episodes will show up. Click on one. It will take you to turbo nick, where you can watch an episode that they took...
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    Avatar the Last Airbender.....ends July 19th

    RE: Avatar the Last Airbender.....ends July 19th I read the spoiler book, I know everything that happens. But the spoilers were in little detail, so it'll be nice to see how everything works out. GODZILLA, nice avatar. Azula's a freak.
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    Avatar the Last Airbender.....ends July 19th

    Well, I've been watching this great show since the start. The animation is outstanding, and the plot is even better. The show was inspired by Myazaki, so any fans of his might want to check this show out. New episodes are coming on the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, andthere will be a movie to end...
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    Ruling basic that charges

    What's a basic that can charge other pokemon?
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    Ruling xatu

    if the defending pokemon is poisoned, and i am poisoned too, can i use xatu to get rid of my poison ond put it on the defending pokemon, even though they are already effected by the same special condition?
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    Ruling best attack for 0 energy

    thank you, running with scizors, that was what i was looking for. this can be locked now. sheesh.
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    Ruling best attack for 0 energy

    well, bannete isn't exactly what i was looking for. i meant like a pokemon that just does regular damage, that doesn't kill itself. is there anything that does 20-30 for no energy?
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    Wednesday, 1/2, Great Encounters Booster Pack and Theme Deck Images, 10th Movie #1!

    i wonder if this movie is any good or if all the japanese people showed up cuz of the new gen. anyway, great art, they all look awesome. Palkia's so big, we actually get to see him off the ground. ;p
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    Ruling sableye sw

    ^no, srj was right.
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    Ruling best attack for 0 energy

    besides bronzong, what is the most damaging attack for 0 energy?
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    dp pokemon seem broken because they are so different from the other half of the format. next year, they'll seem pretty normal.
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    Ruling ITEM

    unown item (I)can search for trainer cards if other unowns are out. can i get holon circle with its power?
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    Thursday, 11/29, Snap Update, Porygon-Z Lv.X Scan and Translations, Pokemon Platinum?

    porygon lx is amazing. it can get 2 cards for you. all you need to do is have delcatty out and you can get any 2 cards a turn. delcatty and porygon lx will be big together.
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    Internet Harassment

    i think everyone here knows about something being judged wrongly. everyone has been told the tcg is stupid because it must be about ash and pikachu noobing it up. the internet is thought of as an evil thing because people can get hurt from it. people can get hurt, but that's life. the...
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    Are you disapointed in DP3?

    this is the best set in the format. non lx cards are great too: magmortar gardy furret minun sallamence blastoise ..and the list goes on and on. seriously, though, dp STINKS compared to sw. lxs aren't everything.