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    Special Secret Rare Energy, Thievul Art Rare from “VSTAR Universe!”

    That would be such a disappointing pull with all these other alt options lol
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    Zacian V and Zamazenta V Special Art Rares from “VSTAR Universe!”

    Love the angle on that Zacian
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    “Paradigm Trigger” Secret Rares Revealed!

    That guy who in the anime for some reason has the complete regi trio set
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    Pokemon Center Reveals TCG Merchandise for November!

    Nice variety of art style!
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    Lugia V, Unown V, and Deck Merch Revealed from “Paradigm Trigger Mystery Box!”

    Missed opportunity to bring back Ancient Mew!
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    Full Art Worker from ‘Paradigm Trigger!!

    Ah my bad. Wierd misunderstanding lol
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    Full Art Worker from ‘Paradigm Trigger!!

    Is....worker under 18??
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    Full Art Worker from ‘Paradigm Trigger!!

    Pretty generic I guess