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  1. JL_muserwolves

    All 98 “Paradigm Trigger” Cards Revealed!

    Yes, it does. It's the same interaction that prevents you from selecting a Rapid/Single Strike Scroll attack off a Scroll attached to an opponent's Pokemon with something that's copying their attacks like Ninetales V or Ditto VMAX. Specifically, the wording of Path to the Peak says "Pokemon...
  2. JL_muserwolves

    Lady Reprinted in ‘Lost Abyss’!

    we've been energy loto'd yet again
  3. JL_muserwolves

    Hisuian Electrode V, Radiant Hisuian Sneasler, and More from “Dark Phantasma!”

    I doubt the deck gets to do anything in the West without Net, which will rotate before we get these, but keep an eye on Japanese tournaments for this since they have the Curry card to get the burn as well and suddenly they OHKO the format for free (330 with Sneasler, 340 with Hawlucha into...
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    All Regis Featured in S10!

  5. JL_muserwolves

    All Regis Featured in S10!

    You do realize Regirock OHKO's Arceus VSTAR with zero assistance, yes? Turns out being a Fighting-type 1-prizer right now has intrinsic value. The deck 100% demolishes anything Arceus-focused, and I still expect Arceus to see the most play out of any VSTAR because of the flexibility. Something...
  6. JL_muserwolves

    All Regis Featured in S10!

    Someone is going to have to explain to me why Regieleki has 3 retreat. They managed to go the wrong direction from the last one. Anyway, cool stuff, neat gimmick, looking forward to making people laugh at locals with these. Using Net to set up multiple Regis in one turn might be a thing...
  7. JL_muserwolves

    TPCi Clarifies The Trickier Rules of V-UNION Pokemon

    Theoretically it's a quarter of 320 HP so each of the pieces have 80 each :cool:
  8. JL_muserwolves

    ‘Start Deck 100’ Revealed: 100 Different Decks Featuring Kingler VMAX, Greedent V, Ultra Ball, and More!

    Time for this to make up a good chunk of our February set, surely. You guys ready for six months of Quick Ball and Ultra Ball together in Standard? I'm not, I need an adult.
  9. JL_muserwolves

    Butterfree, Metapod, and Caterpie from ‘Fusion Arts’

    Oh no, it loses to a fringe deck, what a nightmare :p
  10. JL_muserwolves

    Butterfree, Metapod, and Caterpie from ‘Fusion Arts’

    A 4-4 Salazzle and a 2-2-2 Butterfree is 14 cards (yes you're only going need a 2-2-2 Butterfree, Turffield and Level Ball getting your entire deck is quite a concept, as is Net protecting them). Even if you miss an attack here and there (which no one is saying you won't, because you definitely...
  11. JL_muserwolves

    Butterfree, Metapod, and Caterpie from ‘Fusion Arts’

    If it's just Inteleon, you could still time a Mew benching well enough to buy a turn when you needed it, assuming they didn't have 3 shooters out. With Medicham and 2 shooters, it gets instantly punished. And yeah, I'm looking forward towards what would be SSH-FST (FUS?) format with the idea on...
  12. JL_muserwolves

    Butterfree, Metapod, and Caterpie from ‘Fusion Arts’

    It's not nearly as bad as you might think, you just need to get out 3 Salandit turn 1 if you go second which isn't the worst thing in the world, since you don't need to spend a ball to get Caterpie immediately thanks to Adaptive Evolution and can wait until the entire line is ready to come out...
  13. JL_muserwolves

    Butterfree, Metapod, and Caterpie from ‘Fusion Arts’

    Salazzle BST/Butterfree is about to be the hottest meme deck on the ladder. 300 for a Twin, repeatable, and pushable by being unable to switch/retreat? That's legitimately impressive for a one-prize concept, and you have Turffield and Level Ball to search out your pieces + can re-use the entire...
  14. JL_muserwolves

    Tsareena V, Falinks from ‘Fusion Arts’

    That Tsareena seems quite good in Expanded if you're allowed to just do your thing, similar but with a higher output than Mega Gardevoir (and later MewMew/MGarde). With Sky Field out, your damage cap is 340 if you discard your entire bench (260-300 will obviously be more common and still very...
  15. JL_muserwolves

    First Teaser Info for S6 'Silver Lance' and 'Jet-Black Spirit!'

    Thaaaat's a Caitlin reprint. Text is a match to the BW version. Neat! Meanwhile it looks like Froslass was our Starmie?
  16. JL_muserwolves

    Sword & Shield TCG Set

    I'm so, so happy we have a playable Frosmoth!~ Makes up for GameFreak being complete jobbers that cursed it with 65 base speed. Catch me playing this on release day, I think? It's between that and metal.dec right now. Also it looks like we won't be getting V-Rising in our base Sword & Shield...
  17. JL_muserwolves

    'Tag All Stars' Set Revealed in 'CoroCoro!'

    Just because there's these packs in TAG All-Stars doesn't mean they'll make the jump to our Cosmic Eclipse set, seeing as it's two different companies that handle Japanese vs. Western distribution. It wouldn't surprise me if TPCi gave these a miss, especially since this is such a special set in...
  18. JL_muserwolves

    Eight Cards To Be Banned from Japan's Expanded Format! Easy to see why they moved quickly, after 5 of the top 8 at Japan's first big Expanded tournament opted for total degeneracy with hand lock. Good call, hopefully they're just as quick on the uptake out here.
  19. JL_muserwolves

    Japan Rotating All "A" Block Cards from Standard!

    That's what I was referring to. That and Rare Candy (to a certain extent) are two big pieces we will still have that they won't.
  20. JL_muserwolves

    Japan Rotating All "A" Block Cards from Standard!

    I would like to register my displeasure that a *very* important first turn rule change, which I'm sure will be coming to our shores with the advent of Gen 8, is buried as the last line in this article and not mentioned in the title, with no source image of the change's announcement. That's...