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  1. Dr.Mario

    Wi-Fi Trades Doc's One Stop Trade Shop - All the Pokémon You Need **Updated 4-21-16**

    Friend Code: 1993-8245-9485 IGN Alan Time Zone: Central Time Times Available: Weekdays Random Times. Weekends usually anytime. Things you should know before trading with me: 1. I do NOT want any hacked mons. I don't deal with hacked mons and don't want to...
  2. Dr.Mario

    Wi-Fi Trades Dr.Mario's My Player Thread

    FC: 4943-8408-7389 Rules and Such 1. I do NOT want any hacked Pokemon. 2. If I somehow trade a hacked Pokemon and you find out, just tell me and we will trade back. I expect the same in return. 3. I will always try to respond in a timely manner. 4. Most the Pokemon I want are flawless. I know...