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    Rare Pokemon Card Discussion

    How do you guys feel about the recent news concerning the famous Pokemon/Pikachu Illustrator card(s) on ebay?
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    A Guide on how to use Ebay as a Price Guide

    Here is a simple guide on how to use ebay as a price guide! First, you are going to want to go to the ebay website by typing in “” into your address bar. Simple enough, right? Once ebay loads, it is time to find the card you are trying to price. To do this, type in the...
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    Help me gather proof for JPN Base Set No-Rarity cards!

    I am looking to get a few Japanese Base Set "No Rarity" cards graded by PSA. However, I face a problem. I want them to label the cards as "No Rarity" cards, but without substantial proof of the "official" existence of No Rarity cards, they will just label it as a normal Base Set card. So this is...
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    PSA Group Grading - submitting your cards for you!

    Hello! I am offering a very unique service: I will be accepted cards from people to submit to PSA for grading! If you’ve ever wanted to get some of your cards graded, but can’t afford the expensive grading fee and pricey shipping costs, then this is the deal for you! Please view the...
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    The most popular metagame cards are?

    Hi, As a collector who rarely ventures out of the "General TCG Discussion" forum, I don't have too much of a good insight as to what cards are hot in the current metagame (I don't even know if metagame is the proper term for currently playable cards). However, I do have a lot of in-format...
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    Foreign Jumbos

    So I was recently doing my eBay patrol for Jumbo cards, and I saw something new show up. These new items caused a shortness of breath, making my heart sink into my chests. A strong feeling of sorrow slowly crept into my head. What lye before me was something I had never even realized existed...
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    TPCi and their Pull Rates

    Hi, I recently had the chance to talk with someone who works for TPCi in the card portion. I asked them what was up with the inconsistent pull rates in booster boxes, starting at Dragons Exalted? This was about a week ago, so I can't remember specifically what he said (sorry), but it was...
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    Daelum's Shop - PSA 9 #2 TROPHY PIKACHU CARD, Gold Stars, Jumbos, Rare English & Japanese Promos, &

    Hello! Welcome to my store! Please read the rules before proceeding. 1. I'm in the United States of America. I ship everywhere except Antarctica, sorry Now shipping fully worldwide! Orders over $10 will receive tracking when shipped - the cost is $2. Orders under $10 receive normal shipping -...
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    What should I do with all my bulk? Now, before you tell me to sell/trade it here, I'm not looking to do that. I want to be one of those people who buy bulk on here. The thing is, I don't know what they do with the bulk after that. So, that is my question: after buying bulk, what do you do with...
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    Deoxys Box

    There's a new Deoxys Box coming out in early August. It contains: ▶ "The Mythical Pokémon, Deoxys, as an awesome figure! ▶ 3 Pokémon TCG, Black & White Series booster packs! ▶ 1 Special Promo card featuring Druddigon! ▶ 1 oversized featuring Deoxys-EX!" Here's a video.
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    Sell now, Buy back later?

    Hi, So, I pulled a Full Art N on my own and bought one for around $9 when NV first came out, after which I sold my extra for around $10. Recently, I went and checked the going price on eBay for the card.. It's around $20. Now, I am solely a collector and don't pay much attention to the...
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    Ebay Variation Listing with Pokemon Cards

    Hi, I have recently seen quite a few variation listings on Ebay that include Pokemon cards, and I wanted to make a few of my own. So I attempted to do so, but couldn't get it working at all. For those of you who don't know what a variation listing is, you probably shouldn't be trying to...
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    CoroCoro Jumbos

    Hi, So over on another forum, a few members were discussing how to tell whether an old Japanese CoroCoro Jumbo card was fake or not. The only difference that was presented between real and fake cards was that light shone through one, while it didn't for the other. However, no one knows which...
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    ex series Serial Numbers

    Hi, I started going through my ex series binders to add in some new cards I got and I noticed something. As I'm going through my ex Unseen Forces cards, I saw that I have two of the same Slugma with different serial numbers. When I say serial numbers, I mean the number in the lower right...
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    *Dusting off cobwebs* Daelum's Trade Thread - Newly Reopened!

    Location:United States Ship to: Worldwide Rules: 1. All PokeBeach rules apply. 2. My cards are NM/Mint unless otherwise stated - your cards must be the same. 3. I send in a penny sleeve in a toploader in a normal envelope and you should do the same. 4. I will ship in a padded envelope if...
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    Pokemon Jumbo Card Checklist

    Thanks to: Before I begin, I want to give credit where credit is due. So, I'd like to thank: Tolan for creating the massive Japanese Promo checklist, from which I pulled almost all the Japanese Jumbos. Also, thanks for the nifty checklist symbols Bulbapedia for filling in the gaps and for all...
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    POP 5 Booster Packs

    Hi! I was wondering a few things about the price of POP 5 Booster Packs. 1. How much are they going for? As in, what would be a good price to buy/sell them for? 2. How much would YOU pay for one? 3. Where's a good place to buy them? 4. What, if any, are the Gold Star pull rates from...
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    ~Please Close~

    Located In US, Will Ship World-Wide Rules: 1. Above all else, follow all PokeBeach rules. 2. No scamming, ripping, or backing out of trades after confirmation. 3. No fake cards, foreign, or WC cards unless specified. 4. My lists may change at any time without warning 5. If prices come...
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    Price Guide

    Hi, I was wondering what most people use as their personal price guides. I've noticed a lot of people go by Troll & Toad prices. Here's my view. I believe that almost all online sites outside of ebay overprice their items. They have buy lists with prices that are pretty low and then...
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    Specialty: Booster Packs, Ultra Rares, Used/Damaged Ultra Rares

    Hey! Here's what I'm looking to buy! I am an active ebay-er, so I know the highs and lows of prices for the items I want, so be competitive with your pricing :P Booster Packs Set - Cover Art Long Packs: Long Packs are packs that still have the retail tag on the top of...