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  1. Skymin

    Writing Sinking

    I usually don't write things besides essays, so forgive me if I write something awful. ;-; I'm prepared to be hammered down by DNA and Zyflair. *grabs helment* >.< Your songs remind me of swimming Which I forgot when I started to sink... The beast faintly opened sapphire eyes, no matter...
  2. Skymin

    Skymin's Doodles: Spidermaann

    Oh gosh, I had the nerve to come back here and make a crappy art thread that no one is going to look at. tee hee. Anyways, yeah just some pencil doodles that I doodled.... :X Spare my horse, I've never drawn one before. I luv this sketchbook. First time practicing...
  3. Skymin

    Skymin's Trade thread [H] Some EX's and primes [W] A few things

    United States My Rules are Simple: 1. Please be reasonable with offers. 2. I only want things from my wants, but feel free to offer. 3. I only trade in the U.S. Sorry. D: 4. ALL POKEBEACH RULES APPLY! 5. Not new to trading, so I know when you are up to something. Reference Thread...
  4. Skymin

    SotH's Iscribble Thread Steelix + Garchomp

    Welcome to my Iscribble thread, where I obviously post my Iscribble drawings/doodles. Do to the fact that I never have time for traditional art anymore, might as well post my Iscribble art. This thread only contains my Iscribble drawings, so no asking for traditional art. TOOLS: ISCRIBBLE...
  5. Skymin

    Movie Theme Songs

    So I had a question about the 13th Movie, whether someone could translate the name of the Theme song for me, or if anyone knew the name of the theme song. But to allow this topic have a actual discussion, do any of you think that the Dubbed movies should keep the Japanese theme songs in the...
  6. Skymin

    Pokemon Pokemon Rocks America

    So I was browsing around my room earlier and I happened to come around a bunch of Pokemon Fan mini magazines, and looking through them made me wonder: Do any of you think PUSA will have another Pokemon Rocks America tour? I mean, back then was Pokemon's golden age, but now it's actually sort...
  7. Skymin

    Writing Pokami: Return of the Celestial Gods

    Well, I've never been interested in becoming a author or anything, but I made this fanfic a while back and felt like writing it down. If you have played okami then you will most likely know the concepts of the story. But feel free to criticize and leave advice as I have never actually written a...
  8. Skymin

    Dialga G lv.X Package Auction :D

    Rules: 1.) I ship from the United States, AND TO THE UNITED STATES ONLY. 2.) No late bids will be accepted. 3.) If someone auctions a price that is higher than the BIN price, than the new BIN price will be $5.00 greater than the auctioned price. 4.) All bids should be in $1 increments or...
  9. Skymin

    Looking for Lati's

    I'm looking for any sort of merchandise that you might have of these guys also. My Rules are Simple: 1. NO STUPID OFFERS!!! Thanks. 2. I only want to buy my wants unless you offer to trade, which I would rather do. 3. If you want to trade, my trade thread is in my sig. 4. ALL POKEBEACH RULES...
  10. Skymin

    ~*~SotH's Flower Garden~*~ [H]idk look [w] Stars

    United States I'm looking for any sort of merchandise that you might have that is from Pokemon Center. Especially Pokedolls that I don't have, or anything that has to deal with Shaymin, Latis, Raikou, Electric Pokemon, and Lugia. My Rules are Simple: 1. NO STUPID OFFERS!!!!Thanks. 2. I only...
  11. Skymin

    Finished ~*Collectors Club: Show off collections and discuss new items*~

    ~*PokeBeaches Collector's Club*~ ~*~Welcome to Pokebeach's Official Collectors Club. ~*~ This club allows you to show off your collections, gives you a chance to discover new items, discuss new released items, in game collections and much more. Even if you don't have a big collection, it's...
  12. Skymin

    Finished Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Journey to the Sea of Souls RPG

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Journey to the Sea of Souls Plot: The region of Salemn has always been a place of harmony, Poke'mon that get along well together, help each other, and fight any enemies that come along the way. This peace could never be set without our Squad teams, thanks to them and...
  13. Skymin

    bad dreams/ afraid to go to sleep

    Yeah, I know it sounds crazy sometimes but this happens to me all the time, sometimes I watch a lil bit of a scary movie on accident then I end up overexadurating at night and I can't sleep, there are times were I don't sleep for a whole week, any advice?
  14. Skymin

    Movie 11 promo's in the U.S.

    Well, a few days ago me and my mom went to the mall. But we stopped by a KB kids toy store, when i was looking through the card i found the movie promo's but they were not in a sheet like the JP version. They had Shaymin, Regigigas, and Magnazone. So this means that we can currently get...
  15. Skymin

    Wi-Fi Trades F-C's Player thread Breeding Central , will EV train till Lv.20

    Friend Code:1719 5117 9942 Yahoo:[email protected] contact time: can contact me anytime my battling rules: 1. i dont play ubers, so im not expecting you to play ubers 2. I will not use OHKO moves, so i hope you dont use them either 3. no special condition moves, unless its thunder...
  16. Skymin

    Looking for a Ampheros Great and Pikachu pokedoll, Not doll, "Pokedoll" offer for stuff that I have.

    (United States) (Estados Unidos) Rules: 1.I only send in US must be in a toploader and a sleeve 3.If you would like me to send first i will be happy to ripping please or you will be reported 5.Once our addresses are exchange do not back out or cancel it 6.All of my cards are...
  17. Skymin


    Skymin (United States) share your trading experiences with this person Positive Refs: 110 Negative: 0 (lets keep it this way) Refs awaiting: Im a SK
  18. Skymin

    F-C's art thread

    this is one of my drawings i just finished i had to darken it because it was to light
  19. Skymin


    anyone have any tips on how to get through the battleroads since the new dp set is already coming out?
  20. Skymin

    Pokemon nintendo should make the pokemon games for wii

    does anybody think nintendo should make a pokemon game for the wii that would actually have a good story line and better graphics, because they did an awsome job on charizard, squirtle, and ivysaur on super smash bros brawl, the trainer looked cool too. battle revolution just looked so cheap