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    The Best Burger Ever!

    What is the best burger that you have ever seen/heard about/eaten? Remember to post why you liked it, what was on it, where you ate it and what you'd rate it out of 5 stars. Use * as a star.
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    3rd Win Condition, Kyurem-Shiftry

    To who it may concern: I'm not playing this in States! Pokémon-17 1 Cleffa HGSS 1 Mewtwo EX 1 Ditto TM 1 Landorus 4 Kyurem NV 4-2-3 Shiftry Energy-15 2 DCE 2 Rainbow 2 Prism 4 {F} 5 {W} Trainers-28 3 Junk Arm 2 Switch 3 Seeker 3 SSU 2 Juniper 3 PONT 1 N 4 Candy 2...
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    Durant, Possibly for States

    I will either play this or my other deck for states: Pokémon-6 1 Rotom 1 Mime Jr 4 Durant Energy-8 2 Rescue 2 spec. {M} 4 reg. {M} Trainers-46 4 Junk Arm 1 Alph 4 4 Eviolite 2 Max Potion 2 Potion 2 Revive 4 Level Ball 2 FSL 1 Super Rod 1 Recycle 2 Dual Ball 2 Switch 2 Collector 4 Catcher 2 PONT...
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    The Elegant Metagame: A BW5 Set Review

    Word Count: 3253 Hello, PokeBeach, today we will be discussing the arrival of the new sets in Japan, BW5 Dragon Blade, and Dragon Blast. There are many obviously good, but if course some obviously not-so-good, and some that I, and other people will probably have to play around with. First, we...
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    Ruling Mew Prime and Abilities

    I heard somewhere that Mew Prime can use the Abilities/PokePowers/PokeBodies of Pokémon in the Lost Zone with its Lost Link PokePower. Is this correct?
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    Rayquaza EX, BbQEd

    Strategy: Get out a rayquaza and attack do damage, recycle {L} energy with Eel, attatch {F} energy with Boar, OHKO everyyhing and win by T3 if I'm really lucky but really fast, always.
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    "DraconisDrill" DBd Garchomp Idea

    Here is an idea I had: Pokémon-19 1 Cleffa CoL 4-2-3 Garchomp 4-4 Altaria 1-1 Excadrill Energy-12 6 {F} 2 {W} 4 Blend Energy- {W}{F}{L}{M} Trainers-23 4 PONT 2 Juniper 2 Cheren 2 Candy 3 Collector 3 Comm 2 Switch 3 Catcher 4 JA 3 Black Belt Strategy: Use Garchomp to discard special energy as well...
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    Book Recommendations Thread

    Reccomend and look at books here! Summarize the book and/or series or post a link to one. I, myself like the Pendragon series. Here is a review of book one.
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    Pokemon Parents and Pokemon?

    Hi, I'm just obsessed with Pokémon and my parents hate it. What can I do to change this and do YOU have this problem?
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    Blue Highway Games- Seattle, WA

    Blue Highway Games 2203 Queen Anne Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109 Phone: (206)-282-0540 Hours: Every Saturday, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM. Store Site![/align] Members: -Evan D -Turner T -Ethan B -Alexander T -Dane W -Mason W -Lachlan I -Avery C -Eric F Post to be added!
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    The Mark of Athena

    Hello, everyone. I'm really very anxious for The Mark of Athena to come out. Its the 3rd book in the Heroes of Olympus series and I think the last. I'm thinking that the 7 demigods will be United and face the giants and Gaea, any thoughts on the book?
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    Future EXs

    Hello, the reign of the EXs has started! What more amazing Pokémon will we see in the future? I'm thinking: DEFINITELY: Ho-Oh EX Lugia EX Celebi EX Landorus EX Suicune EX And much more! PLZ post ur ideas with the cards stats and ur ideas on my thoughts. Thank u!
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    super smash bros brawl

    Brawl is so epic! I love this game and I am always trying to improve my skills in it, so I would love help and to talk about it with anyone! Right now I'm developing: Pit King Dedede Ike Meta Knight I'm ok as most other characters and I would love advice!
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    Mewtwo Variants

    There are tons of deck variants based on Mewtwo EX. Let's see which one is the most popular, also, post on which you like the most and why. I, myself would tech mewtwo in a lot of stuff, though, the best MEWTWO CENTERED deck is probably GEM(Gardevoir, Electrode Prime, Mewtwo EX). Mainly because...
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    6 Corners Variant

    Here's my 6 corners variant. Pokémon-16 1 cleffa 1 pichu 1 shaymin 1 kyurem 1 zekrom 1shaymin ex 2 mewtwo ex 2 terrakion 3 Cobalion 3 virizion Energy-15 4 rainbow 4 prism 2 {G} 4 {C}{C} 1 spec {M} Trainers-29 1 pluspower 2 Cheren 2 Super rod 1 scoop up 1 seeker 3 junk arm 3 collector 4 eviolite 4...
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    The Truth?

    My google variant. Pokémon-27 1 cleffa 2 regigigas ex 3-2-2 reuniclus 3-2-2 vileplume 1 Landorus 1-1 blissey 2-2 cincinno ND 1 shaymin ex Energy-10 3 rainbow 4 dce + 1 twins 2 {F} 1 {G} Trainers-23 1 sages 3 candy 1 PONT 1 juniper 1 seeker 1 super rod 2 Comm 2 n 2 eviolite 2 Pokémon center 2 twins 3...
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    EelZone vs. MagneBoar

    I don't get all the hysteria about EelZone. MagneBoar seems obviously better. Please post ur opinion and thoughts about this, tell me if I'm missing something really obvious.
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    Magnezone_Elf's Trades, Closed Currently.

    For personal reasons,i must close this thread, i will open it again when i can trade[[/b]b]Rules:[/b] All pokebeach rules apply No fake or worlds Trade is final one both adresses have been exchanged. Cards must be in condition that does not deteriorate value Person with fewest refs sends...
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    Hi, this is a weird, messed up DonChamp. I have modified it a bit since it got 3rd in City, I need advice. Pokemon-19 4-2-3 Machamp 3-2 Ursaring 1-1 Zoroark 2 Landorus 1 Igglybuff Energy-15 9 {F}, 4{C}{C}, 2 rainbow Trainers-26 2 N, 2 PONT 3 PlusPower, 2 Switch 3 Junk Arm 1 Sages, 2...
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    Touney Reports

    Post ur tourney reports for Cities, States, Regionals, and even Nationals and Worlds. My cities: I guess my first cities was good. I placed third in juniors with Landorus-Machamp, and apparently, I just barely didn't make it to finals. Please help me improve my deck for States(see...