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    Viability of Evolutions

    Are evolution decks viable right now? Does every deck rely on EXs? (Been about a year since I've played! Thanks!
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    WTB: POP 5 Series Packs

    As the title says, I want to buy POP 5 Series packs. Looking to buy in decent quantities. MUST BE Unscaled, unweighed, unsearched, factory sealed. Taking offers.
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    I'm doing it.. Discussion on Prize Support Increase

    Information Here: Okay, after skimming through four pages of discussion on The Gym, I still don't understand what everyone is trippin' about. I didn't start this for the sake of an...
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    Collecting; how do I start, and what's worth collecting?

    Recently, I've been wanting to get into collecting, specifically older sets. I've always been more of a player and haven't had interest in collecting until now. The questions I have are pretty much the ones I have on the title so.. How do I start? By this, I'm trying to say that I have...
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    Puckstopper's Sales! Plasma Storm MASTER SET! EXs, Colress FA, Lugia EX FA, Lasers!

    Shipping from California, USA 1. Pokebeach rules apply. 2. Payments through Paypal Gift. 3. Buyer pays first. 4. Shipping throughout the US, maybe Canada if purchase is high enough. 5. Cards ship for $3.00 Flat. Merch will vary. 6. Willing to negotiate. 7. If you're looking for anything...
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    Trade Logging/ Keeping Track of Trades/Trading up for new players

    The Art of Trading: Getting our Hustle On By:Puckstopper20| Target Audience: Beginner - Intermediate| Word Count: Introduction: What's up Pokebeach! This is Puckstopper20 with an article on Online Trading, and some ways to get the cards you need without breaking the bank. About...
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    NOR-CAL Masters Pre Release Report! Getting ready for the new season!

    Hey Pokebeach-goers! I'm back with another report for the newest set, 'Dragons Exalted'! Division: Masters Participants: 68 Saturday Night: I spent like an hour and a half organizing my binder, and other trade fodder, and I made a quick stop at the bank because I ALWAYS, forget that the Pre...
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    Chandelure Yanmega

    Here's something a little different that I haven't seen much of myself. I have a lot of ideas for this deck that I will bring up towards the end of the post. Pokemon: 3-3 Yanmega Prime (TM) 4-4-4 Chandelure Line (NV) (Promo Litwicks eventually) 2-2 Dodrio Line (UD) 1 Cleffa Total:23...
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    Yanmega Primes at a reduced price!!

    I hope this in the right place since it's regarding TCG pricing.. Anyway, Troll & Toad is currently selling Yanmega Primes for $4.99! I have no idea how long this will last but just wanted to get it out there for anyone interested. Please keep in mind that I'm NOT trying to promote troll and...
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    First Cities EVER! NorCal City Championships at Santa Clara

    Rudy H. Deck: Zeeletor Division: Masters Participants: 50 Just want to start off by saying this is my first report. I spent the whole day at Game Kastle on Saturday practicing with my friends, getting ready for Sunday. Sunday Morning, 9:55AM ..Of Course I'd wake up late.. -___-...
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    LockThorn [Gothitelle, Ferrothorn] HGSS-NV

    Alright I'm trying to decide what I should play for Cities, and I'm stuck between ZPST, and Gothitelle, so I'd like some feedback on THIS Gothitelle version. All comments/suggestions welcome! Pokemon: 3-2-3 Gothitelle [EP] (Magic Room) 3-3 Ferrothorn [EP] (Gyroball) 2-2 Dodrio [UD]...
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    Trades USA -> USA & CAN| Have: Lost Thunder, Codes, Sun & Moon + More! Want: IDK!!

    Shipping from California, USA 1. Pokebeach rules apply. 2. Lower refs will send first. 3. Once addresses are exchanged, the deal is sealed. If you back out, or try to cancel, I WILL leave a negative/neutral ref. 4. I WILL trade with trainers from Canada, but the deal must be worth it...
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    Blastzel (HGSS-On) [Blastoise, Floatzel] Mods, Please close!

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here and I'm hoping to get some feedback on this deck I plan to use for BRs next month. Pokemon: 21 4 Squirtle (UL) 2 Wartortle (UL) 4 Blastoise (UL) 3 Buizel (UL) 3 Floatzel (UL) 3 Cleffa (CoL) 1 Zorua (BW) 1 Zoroark (BW)...