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  1. Platinum26

    Wi-Fi Trades Platinum26's My Player Thread

    Hello all! My B2 friend code is 0390-9659-6314 Name: Rick The main reason why I created this thread was to move a bunch of Charmanders I have gotten from trying the masuda method. I virtually have any Charmander you would want so just let me know if you're looking for a trade. Thanks!
  2. Platinum26

    Pokemon Where do they come from?

    Did anyone ever notice that no one in the pokemon world happens to know where an egg comes from? Well why is that? Example, Day care man: "Oh my, Your Charizard was wrestling with another Charizard. 5 minutes later an egg appeared next to it. I wonder how it got there, Do you want it?"...
  3. Platinum26

    Heavy Rain

    I was thinking about picking this game up. Im just not to sure what it really is.
  4. Platinum26

    DSi or DSi XL

    I was wondering if I should get the DSi before pokemon soul silver comes out or wait for the DSi XL to come out in america.
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    PLATINUM226 (United States)
  6. Platinum26

    Wizard stamped cards

    I was wondering if the wizard stamped cards are rare because I just found one. It is dark arbok from the team rocket set. It is also in a special sleeve.
  7. Platinum26

    Strongest card

    Hello. I was wondering what the srongest or the best pokemon card is.
  8. Platinum26

    Ruling First edition

    How can you tell if cards are first edition.
  9. Platinum26

    Rarest pokemon card

    I have many rare cards but i was wondering which is the rarest. Someone told me the star cards are and i have a star kyogre but i dont know for sure if they are the rarest.
  10. Platinum26

    Favorite video game character

    This is a hard one. Mine would have to be the master chief or marcus fenix.
  11. Platinum26

    Game help

    you can use this thread to ask a question about a game you have trouble with. If I dont know it someone probably does.
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    I just reserved prototype and was wondering if anyone could tell what its about. Thanks.
  13. Platinum26

    Halo 3 ODST

    I made this so the people who like halo and are looking foward to the upcoming halo games ODST and reach can post what they like about and are looking foward to in the new games. Hope you get to play as master chief in reach.
  14. Platinum26

    Favorite thing looking foward to from E3

    My favorite thing would have to be halo 3 odst and the natal for the xbox 360
  15. Platinum26

    scariest experience in your life

    Hi this is for those who want to release all those scary experiences in your life. one of mine is me and my friends were all just bored and we were walking across peoples lawns no harm done right until one lawn this guy comes out with some kind of gun in his hand and starts to yell at us to get...
  16. Platinum26

    Club nintendo registation codes

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has any unused club nintendo registration numbers please pm them to me. Because I threw all mine out because I thought they were useless pieces of paper. Please I only need 180 coins to become a platinum member by june 30.