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  1. Nitro

    ZekEels Bw-On

    Zekeels Bw on Pokemon - 14 2 Zekrom (Any BLW) 2 Mewtwo-EX 2 Tynamo (Spark) 2 Tynamo (Thunder Wave) 3 Eelektrik NV 1 Zekrom EX 1 Tornadus EX (better than regular tornadus thanks to max potion) 1 Raikou EX (awesome sniper) T/S/S - 33 4- N 4- Pokemon Catcher 3- Level Ball 3- Ultra...
  2. Nitro

    Totoro's Dragons Exhalted Pre-Release 3-1 Report

    Hey there, I had my pre release today with Snivy7809 and this is my first report. Saturday, 11th August I got everything organised and all my food and money ready. I went to sleep late because I couldn't sleep. Sunday 12th August Today, I woke up and made sure I had everything and we...
  3. Nitro


    I was looking through my binder and I came up with a rogue deck idea for league. I can't use Mewtwo EX. Pokemon: 3-3 Volcarona DE (2 Larvesta DE #21, 1 Larvesta DE #20) 4-4 Arcanine ND (4 Growlithe ND #10) 2 Entei EX DE 2 Victini NV #14 2 Magby CoL 1 Cleffa CoL 21 Pokemon Trainers: 2...
  4. Nitro


    Hi, I have a Zekeels deck that i think can use some improvement so i need some critcism. ZekEels: Pokemon – 16 2 Tynamo NVI 39 2 Tynamo NVI 38 3 Eelektrik NVI 2 Mewtwo EX 3 Zekrom BLW 1 Zekrom EX 1 Cleffa CoL 2 Thundurus EP Trainers – 30 2 Sage's Training 3 Pokemon Collector 4 Professor...
  5. Nitro

    Please Close!!!

    Hello there! I have $20 and am looking to buy these cards and yes i do have paypal: 1x Shaymin lv.x Platinum 126/127 1x Shaymin Lv.x Platinum 127/127 1x Rocket's Raikou ex Deoxys 108/107 1x Articuno ex FR&LG 114/112 1x Zekrom Full Art BW 114/114 (Must be Black Backround) 1x Jirachi...
  6. Nitro

    Kyurem ex combo

    + + This combo gives kyurem ex free retreat so it can get out of hail blizzard's side effect.
  7. Nitro


    Hey there, I have made this decklist that could work. I just need some help on it LuxRom Pokemon: 3 Shinx (ND 42) 1 Luxio (ND 44) 2 Luxray (ND 46) 4 Zekrom (BW 114) 1 Mewtwo EX (ND 98) 1 Cleffa (CL 24) 3 Tynamo (NV 39) 3 Eelektrik (NV 40) Total:18...
  8. Nitro

    Totoro's Trade Thread! H: Terrakion, Altaria x2! W: Tornadus EX

    Rules: 1. Be polite and patient. 2. I send out cards in a sleeve in a top loader. I expect for you to do similar. 3. All cards must be near mint or mint. 4. I ship worldwide from Australia but you must pay your own postage. 5. Pm me your address if we can make a deal. 6. I will CYL. 7. No fakes...
  9. Nitro

    Your christmas wish list

    What is your christmas wish list? I would like: a TV Emboar tin Pokemon card folder Diary of a wimpy kid 6 School stationery and stuff
  10. Nitro

    Re-Emergance of Sinnoh!

    Hi there, im mpain0. I have always been fascinated about trading cards and i decided to make one of my own with a little help from S-ModCMP! So here is the first card, darkrai: Tell me what ya think:P
  11. Nitro

    Pokemon What thrills you in pokemon?

    I get thrills when i win a tcg or vg game, get a good pull from a pack or catch a shiny. What about you?
  12. Nitro

    What BW, EP or NV theme deck is better?

    I need peoples opinion on this so i know what deck i should get him for his birthday.
  13. Nitro

    Writing The race for Eible

    Hey I have been writing a story and I want to share it here. Title: The race for Eible Chapter 1:
  14. Nitro

    Marko's Fakemon

    Hello there, I am mpain0 or Marko. I have been drawing fakemon for a bit now and I started converting them to digital art. (Thanks Xous!) This is one of my starting fakemon: Tell me what you think. I will be making more. Oh and pokedex info: Seisji, the hourglass pokemon. The...
  15. Nitro

    Pokemon Best battle themes in all of the Pokemon generations.

    I was listening to primal dialga' s theme. It is perfect for watching the sunrise! Also 8-bit giratina theme rocks! Post here for your favorite theme from pokemon to be recognized and heard how awesome it is!
  16. Nitro

    Unova League: The Finals

    I am starting to write a story abut the finals in the Unova League before Ash gets there. I use legendary pokemon with some trainers to make it interesting. I have already wrote chapter 1. Feel free to read it and tell me what you think. So let me know and i will write more. Thanks...