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  1. TheGuy

    Finished Werewolf XXII: The Reign of Terror - Town Wins

    “Max – are you sure we need to kill them?” “Yes, we do. The only way for the Republic to survive is to kill King Louis and his enemies. The people must believe in democracy for it to be successful.” “But, isn’t killing a bit drastic? Dissent is an essential part of a democratic government...
  2. TheGuy

    Writing Guy's Collection of Stories: (A Change of Plans Posted)

    I've been writing short stories occasionally, and I figured I'd post them here as I do them. There's no schedule at all to it, it's random and whenever I feel like it. I may eventually post something longer, but for now, I'll be sticking to short stories. The first one here was a project for my...
  3. TheGuy

    London 2012: The XXXth Olympiad

    I must honestly say, opening ceremonies was great. Bond and the queen was awesome along with the r,ing floating into the sky from the Industrial Revolution. Looking forward to seeing the competition I'll be watching quite a bit of basketball and handball.
  4. TheGuy

    March Madness 2012

    How's everyone's bracket doing. I've missed one so far because I didn't expect the top seed to win all of the games so far. (At least it looks like VCU is going to win, considering I picked them to win). Here is my bracket...
  5. TheGuy

    Speech and Debate

    I was just wondering if anyone else on here did Speech and Debate, now, or when they were in High School. I have my first tournament this weekend, doing PF, second speaker.
  6. TheGuy

    Facebook Timeline

    The new design of your profile of Facebook is coming. I already have it and I really like it so far, I love the customization of the image at the top and the way its designed. It take a little bit to figure out how to use it, but when you do, you'll...
  7. TheGuy

    Big Brother 1| xdogking is evicted, HoH Competition

    Big Brother 1 Brought to PB by Joeypals, Reinvented by Guy89 Big Brother is the game of lies, teamwork, honesty, betrayal, and greed. Every summer 15 people are put into one house together with the ultimate goal of winning $500,000 and being the last one left in the house. By competing every...
  8. TheGuy

    RSE/FRLG Guy's Emerald No-evolving Nuzlocke | Video Five Up!

    Guy89's Emerald Nuzlocke with a Twist! So the other day I was bored and looking through things and found my old 3rd generation games, and thought about the Nuzlocke fad and decided to join it using my Emerald, since it has nothing on it. I'll remind you that I've never done a Nuzlocke before...
  9. TheGuy

    Risk: Forum Game: United States Edition: Azelf's Turn

    Risk the Game of Global Domination: Forum Game Edition: United States Maps The game of Risk is a fast paced game of World Domination. Where six players place there armies and begin World War, making alliances and enemies, their only goal is to take over the whole world. In this game the place...
  10. TheGuy

    Wi-Fi Trades Trades from TheGuy | Shop Open, hundreds of Shinys and Events | Cloning Service

    Credit to The Assassin for the banner. Friend Codes: 2621 2060 0432: Pearl* 5456 5275 3712: Platinum* 2880 1821 8065: Soulsilver* 3740 1180 1390: Black *Fourth Generation Codes only used for specific circumstances, unless otherwise stated, use my Black Friend Code. Rules and Information: All...
  11. TheGuy


    Now that it's summer for most people, or it's right around the corner, what to do you plan to do. I had a trip to Vegas last week, and later am going to Utah and then maybe a road trip including Yellow Stone and Mount Rushmore. Other than that I'll probably stay home and relax and go to...
  12. TheGuy

    BW/BW2 New Game Announced: Pokemon Battrio V

    (I just read this on Bulbapedia, and thought it should be posted) The new game that had been speculated is announced, and none of you probably expected it. Pokemon Battrio V, yes the one that was an arcade game in Japan, so we won't be getting anything in America most likely. Here is a scan of...
  13. TheGuy

    Wii 2 "Stream"

    The Wii 2 is coming, according to IGN. Codename "Cafe" With the possible name "Stream" According to this, each controller will have a touch screen and they'll be able to stream things to each controller. It sounds really amazing, check it out.
  14. TheGuy

    EA Football Sued

    I have recently received this email: I bought Madded 11 earlier this year, does anyone know what I should do?
  15. TheGuy

    March Madness: The Huskies are National Champions

    The NCAA tournament is coming up! It's time for March Madness, what are your picks? What's you bracket? Who do you want to win? Here is my bracket:
  16. TheGuy

    Finished Werewolf IX: Dimension X: Wolves Win: Chronicle of the Pink Geek is over: New Chronicle Coming: WW10

    Werewolf IX: Dimension X At Judgment day, the Geek had died, and everyone had happily been teleported to Dimension X, where they found a 1960’s environment. Dimension X though was mysteriously created by a group of werewolves who are trying to find more people to eat. Famous people from the 20th...
  17. TheGuy

    BW/BW2 Gamestop Early Opening

    Even though we aren't getting any preorder gifts, (unless somehow they surprise us tomorrow), I just found that Gamestop will be opening early tomorrow. There are midnight openings and 9am openings. :D I'm glad that my store has a 9am opening, sadly though, there are no midnight openings near...
  18. TheGuy


    This new site is a cross between Google and Wikipeadia. It is kind of strange. It reads information to you and gives a very brief summary. It is pretty good and really helps me, but it seems to be getting a lot of errors, and doesn't have a lot of pages. Has anyone else used this site? Found...
  19. TheGuy

    Prevented Terrorist Attack on the United States I applaude the government for acting on this event that threatened two synegouges in Chicago. This would have a been a terrible situation if we had not acted to stop this attack. I would thank the Saudis for giving the...
  20. TheGuy

    Congrats many many mods.

    Look who is back, and who is new to green! EDIT: Who made my title boring?