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  1. UmConner

    Discussion Mill vs Blacephelon

    Is there any way for stall/mill decks to beat clowns? I haven't tested any, but it seems like the vileplume variants would get beat by naganadel and any other variant would simply get run over by blacephelon. Is the matchup as bad as it seems? Have you all seen any techs that could help it?
  2. UmConner

    Ruling Black Market *

    The new stadium Black Market * reads as follows: Whenever either player’s [D] Pokemon with [D] Energy attached to it is Knocked Out by damage from an opponent’s attack, the opponent takes 1 less Prize card. Does this work for dark pokemon with unit/rainbow/counter energy attached? Or does it...
  3. UmConner

    Discussion Granbull post Team Up

    Which of the new cards do you think could be useful for granbull decks? I think Wonder Labyrinth* could be really cool as another stadium alongside shrine. Pokemon Communication might also be nice to add some consistency. How do you guys think granbull decks will fare post Team Up?
  4. UmConner

    Discussion Glaceon GX

    Has anyone had any success lately testing with a Glaceon variant? I feel like freezing gaze is a great ability in the current meta against the likes of Zoroark, Alolan Ninetales, Tapu Lele, etc. I know a Glaceon/Greninja deck did well (24th) at Harrogate, but I can't find a current list.
  5. UmConner

    Yveltal EX / Seismitoad EX / Garbodor

    Hey guys. My current build is a pretty standard yveltal/garb/toad list: Pokemon: 13 3x Yveltal EX 2x Yveltal 1x Darkrai EX 2x Seismitoad EX 2x Trubbish 2x Garbodor 1x Jirachi EX Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 36 4x Sycamore 4x N 2x Colress 2x Lysandre 2x VS Seeker 4x...