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  1. MegaBeedrill

    RMT Hot Fiery Dance Party!

    Hello! Today I'm going to be sharing a team I'm working on centered around Volcarona. I've used volcarona in the past, however I've been away from the competitive scene for some time now, last time I played showdown was during a suspect test for aegislash returning, which afterward, I kinda just...
  2. MegaBeedrill

    ORAS Mirage Spots, Shiny Odds Increased?

    I've been hearing alot of talk online saying that the shiny odds for mirage spots and legendaries have been reduced to 1/514. (with charm) However none of the common online sources mention anything or have confirmed the odds of mirage spot shinies. Yet the data gathered up shows alot of...
  3. MegaBeedrill

    XY Unova Starters now get Hidden Abilities

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this (still new and lurking) But japan is now getting events with the unova starters.. These starters could potentionally have their HA (like any wondercard) and get the special move hold back. I'm not sure if this topic is relevant in the ORAS...
  4. MegaBeedrill

    ORAS ORAS Pastebin (Potentially, Spoiler warning)

    This was posted by Kaphotics claiming to have datamined the game already based off the pokebank update. Huge spoiler warning if it's true. We even have sprites for all the new megas. Discuss,
  5. MegaBeedrill

    ORAS Mega Milotic Leak?

    Now THAT looks real.. They said it evolved from a shiny feebas too. I honestly can't find anything in that image that seems fake.. other than maybe the most random google search that looks planned out and the camera failed to capture the sprite on the fight button (if there is one) Also for...
  6. MegaBeedrill

    ORAS Mega Claydol/Flygon Leak?

    These were posted on serebii forums: Claydol looks a little TOO pixeliated...