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  1. Light Venusaur

    LV's artist alley

    Firstly, I'd like to thank Shining Raikou for making the Artists Alley enjoyable once more & I may come back to beach once & a while. I may set up a new shop too, but I don't know about it yet. Here you can find my art that I've worked on over the years. They range from Digital art to...
  2. Light Venusaur

    Writing Deidara's Sinno adventure (A Naruto/Pokémon cross-over)

    Most of you might have seen this in either in my siggy or on dA. I asked (CruzerBlade of dA) to draw me as a my version of Deidara from Naruto. Enough of that, time for the story. Yes, this is a cross over of Naruto & Pokémon Just like my sempi, I ride my Giratina, like Deidara rides his...
  3. Light Venusaur

    Armageddon expo in Sydney~Australia

    Thank you to my friend (also IRL) for letting me post this up. Orignal Post Yes, both my friend & myself (LV) will be going to it. Which is 26/27 of Feb. 2011 @ The Dome out @ the Sydney Olympic Park Homebush Bay.
  4. Light Venusaur

    .::LV's Art Gallery::. (Updated: 11/05/2011~Thank you for the 4k pageveiws)

    .::Welcome to LV's Art Gallery::. Please DO NOT quote pictures. Picture's not mine!!! It reads: Thanx for the 4k kiriban (which is japanese for pageveiws) .::Newest Stuff::. .::Easter Pokémon::. I got the idea from GPX+ The Dragonite is a spring-time one .::Winter...
  5. Light Venusaur

    LV's Fake Cards (#001-#649) (Now with: Kerudio)

    Here I'll be making fake cards for Every Pokémon (including: Forms, Female, GPX+ excluives & Japanese versions) for all 649 Pokémons. BEFORE ANYONE ASKS (again) I ALWAYS USE GILL SANS. Also I'm looking for people to help me with: Spoilers Fan Art (if you get it from devinantART please...
  6. Light Venusaur

    Promo Card Catalog and Scans

    Credit to PKM4 for the 1st list. History: *Given in Sydney~Australia Time Zone (Day/Month/Year & sometime the time)* Mon: 17/01/2011 (8:30pm)~Adds in the ??? for the Call of Legends Promo & the 2010/2011 Poliwag (HGSS: Unleased) If you make a post in this thread, make sure that it's in...
  7. Light Venusaur

    HGSS: Return to Johto (Looking for people to help w/spoilers) w/1 hidden card done

    I'll be inserting a short story here. You MUST RESERVE a card/s before you post them. Any cards that have this next to it is reserved: Cards that have been done will have this next to it: Cards that have been done: Mareep Stardust Dragon (It's a hidden card) Also there will be a...
  8. Light Venusaur

    .::Rate My Banners::.

    .::Rate my Banners please::. Here you can find my current Banners that range from Contests to Requests & other stuff. You can find my sprites in my other rateing thread. I only have "Blending" for me is just that much harder for me (& I don't use a tablet-I use a if...
  9. Light Venusaur

    .:: A Spriteing Contest::. By: LV

    .::Welcome to a Spriteing Contest::. (Held by: LV) GENERAL RULES • No plagiarism. Originality is what the judges want to see! You may not borrow or steal someone else's sprite for your work. • All entries must be fresh and out of the oven! • Anyone may enter the contest as long as their...
  10. Light Venusaur

    .::The Eeveelutions Workshop v2::. (OPEN~Plz make sure u read everything 1st!!!)

    My shop is currently: OPEN! 5 slots only! When making a request please say this phrase 1st: G'day LV, this member would like to request a <insert request title here> For the Speed Shop: Poké Dolls are cute! MUST REQUEST THE ARTIST TO MAKE THE REQUEST TO BE DONE!!! .::Opening Hours...
  11. Light Venusaur

    Rate my sprites....please

    .::This is a thread where I'll be show caseing my sprites that I've done over the year::. .::Contest Stuff::. ~Sliver Togetic revamp (current contest) ~Mightyena-Fire/Dark type ~Pichu evo'ing into Pikachu....but not quite there ~Vaporeon recolor...animation (one of my winning sprites)...
  12. Light Venusaur

    DPPt/HGSS .::LV's Guide to breeding::. (The NON-Smeargle way)

    Ok, people have been asking: "How do I get <insert egg move here> onto <insert Pokémon name here>" This simple guide will help you with the egg move/s on the Pokémon your breeding for. I know that you can use Smeargle, but this for people who don't have access to a Smeagle. All of these have...
  13. Light Venusaur

    A Fake Set from LV~I need people to do spoilers

    Platnium: Xous Set Arecus has it's own Rules! Special Arceus Rule: Your deck may contain as many copies of this card as you’d like. If you see Arecus, it'll have it's Plate next to it. Key: Spoiler has been done Card has been made Reserved card Member's who are helping with this set...
  14. Light Venusaur

    LV's Fake Cards~Please Rate them!

    My Fake Cards: Before anyone asks: Yes, I got permission from Xous, Yakkov & members on devianART. The Origin-Tina cards are from a request I made pesonaly to nattychan. Arceus NE-Pichu Ninetales Skymin Shiny Riolu Shiny Shinx Spiritomb Lv.X Shadow Lugia (It was for a fake set of...
  15. Light Venusaur

    DPPt/HGSS Japanese Msytery Gift.

    If someone out there has the Japanese versions of the game (DPPt only). Can you give me a screenshot on how to get it please. Mods: Once someone has...please lock this thread ASAP.
  16. Light Venusaur

    Design a Pokémon Pokedoll Tag/Nametag Competition!

    Welcome to PokéBeach Forums's 1st design a Pokémon Pokedoll Tag. For those who don't know what a Pokedoll is: List of the Offical Pokedolls: These are the one's that you can't do, as they've got one already. Click on the Links to see them! Kanto: Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle Pikachu Celfairy...
  17. Light Venusaur

    LV's Sprite Thread...or Dumpage.

    .::Light Venusaur's Sprite Gallery::. In this thread you'll find what I've done. Fusions Pixel Overs Recolors Contest Entries Other: Genka You may use ANYTHING in this thread as long as you give the Credit to me.
  18. Light Venusaur

    Rate these banners.

    Here's some banners that I've made for people, contests or out of sheer bordem. These are free to long as you give me credit. If you want a banner or wallpaper (I only pass them threw MSN/AIM when the wallpapers are done-due to the size) done, please go & ask for one in my shop...
  19. Light Venusaur

    Rate my pixel overs

    You may use these for sigs. All I ask is to be given credit. Ken Sugimori art. Holiday Skymin Skymin: Vulpix: Magmar: Latios: Gizamimi (NE) Pichu & Shiny (Pikachu-Color) Pichu: Requested by: pokefan#493. Anime: Rapidash: Origin-Tina: Origin-Tina...
  20. Light Venusaur

    A New Fake Set from LV.

    Name: None of yet. Box Topper: Notched-Ear Pichu/Pichu Female Pre-Release Card: Vulpix Holo's 1: Mew 2: Mewtwo 3: Articuno 4: Moltres 5: Zapdos 6: Lugia 7: Entai 8: Suicune 9: Celebi 10: Jirachi 11: Deoxys 12: Latias 13: Latios 14: Manaphy 15: Lucario 16: Darkrai 17...