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  1. MegaBeedrill

    Pokemon What Pokemon Do You Think Could Be Legendary?

    Ditto It could literally be a legendary.
  2. MegaBeedrill

    Funniest Things About the Pokémon Games

    I think the whole concept of an old scientist (Oak) giving a susposedly 10 year old kid a fire breathing lizard is funny enough. Consider the idea these kids aren't even in middle school and they already are playing with living matches that never run out. That's like buying a 10 year old a...
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    XY&Zx02: Hot-Blooded Quilladin! Squishy is Being Targeted!!

    I think it's good for pokebeach to be posting anime, like Athena said, it hurts nothing and if you don't like spoilers, don't click. Although it would be cool if maybe somewhere it list what pokemon+megas are featured in the episode, cameo or main. The only thing that gets me to watch the show...
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    Dissapointing 3D Sprites in XY

    I don't know if this can be considered a necrobump, but it's a topic I wish I noticed sooner to respond to (only 10 days, not too bad I guess) Anyway firstly: This I agree with so much... even parasect's new artwork was given completely different colors. The only upside though, is that...
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    Five Zygarde Formes, Including Zygarde Perfect Forme, Revealed in 'CoroCoro!'

    Zygarde Core and Cell were confirmed to have no moves and not even be considered pokemon. Ash Greninja is not mega greninja, but once every hundred years a greninja that bonds with their trainer may begin to look like them. And Zygarde Perfect will be known as Zygarde Complete. I'm kinda...
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    Speculation "Flowers" Given as Clue for Pokemon's Future

    Flowers? Sinnoh and mega shaymin confirmed.
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    Pokemon 'CoroCoro' Reveals New Pokemon for Next Year's Film

    Little late to the party, but lol at all those hate comment towards this new thing's design. I think people forget pokemon started out with dugtrio, electrode, magneton, and lickytung.. I think people are being too harsh on this little fellow calling it an artist block or a mediocre design. If...
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    Pokemon 'CoroCoro' Reveals New Pokemon for Next Year's Film

    Probably either: Atk: +50 150 Def: +10 131 SpA: +10 91 SpD: +20 115 Spe: +10 105 (it doesn't look fast) Or Atk: +80 180 Def: +30 151 SpA: +40 121 SpD: +40 135 Spe: +10 105 (+200 total, if Rayquaqua can mega evolve without a stone, Zygarde could easily just double it's mega stat gain.) Assuming...
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    Pokemon 'CoroCoro' Reveals New Pokemon for Next Year's Film

    This is EXACTLY what I was picturing as well. One feature particularly that bugged me was how you can see the wing's outline in the shadow, and it looked like it was covering another set of them or even the hands.
  10. MegaBeedrill

    Pokemon 'CoroCoro' Reveals New Pokemon for Next Year's Film

    If that is really what they look like, perhaps zygarde is actually not one pokemon, but several pokemon divided to become one? If you watch thousand arrow's animation carefully, zygarde divides into several little hexagons and then reforms... Also if you watch the ground carefully after...
  11. MegaBeedrill

    Pokemon 'CoroCoro' Reveals New Pokemon for Next Year's Film

    It is confirmed, it comes from several various reliable sources and can be seen after watching the new hoopa movie. (which is open today in Japan and anybody can see for themselves.)
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    Pokemon 'CoroCoro' Reveals New Pokemon for Next Year's Film

    It's probably a new pokemon tease, but it doesn't mean gen 7 is up next. For example, munchlax in Destiny Deoxys, Togepi throughout kanto, Mime Jr. in mystery of mew, etc. This is probably just one of those cases where they start showing new pokemon little by little. Still doesn't say anything...
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    Pokemon 'CoroCoro' Reveals New Pokemon for Next Year's Film

    I don't know how the powerplant has any importance at all like people are thinking.. I think this will probably tie in where Yveltal disappeared to. Back in the diancie movie, Yveltal just flew off into the distance and nothing was heard of it again. Perhap Xerneas and Yveltal will have an...
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    Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

    By definition, Christianity is simply just the belief in one Deity, and acceptance of Jesus Christ. It's just that there are many different split groups and teachings which make up their own laws, make actual translations but misword things here and there, or, as the group I'm apart of, simply...
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    Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

    Actually, I think you might have it a bit backwards. Apparently, the Roman Catholic Text is the most furthest away from the original. The majority of the text present in the Roman Catholic portion of the religion is considered man-made. For example, the original text never says anything about...
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    Moves that Pokémon Should Learn... But They Don't.

    Bisharp, a knight, learns Stealth Rocks. Dunsparce, a weak snake, learns Stealth Rocks. Chansey, a fat pink blob, learns Stealth Rocks. Infernape, a monkey, learns Stealth Rocks. Empoleon, a Penguin, learns Stealth Rocks. Zygarde, a legendary massive ground type snake pokemon that controls the...
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    Pokemon 'CoroCoro' Reveals New Pokemon for Next Year's Film

    I'm looking at zygarde's movepool, and it just seems odd picturing zygarde, in this form using some of these moves.. Coil, Glare, it's only Physical Dragon STAB being Dragon Tail and Outrage, Crunch, E-Speed, Dig, Bind... I mean, unless it retains it's serpentine appearance some how, I can't...
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    Pokemon 'CoroCoro' Reveals New Pokemon for Next Year's Film

    I just wonder how exactly the moves "thousand arrows" and "thousand waves" tie into this pokemon. Cause when you really think about it... why would this one colossal form need two new signature moves? There has to be another form for this of some kind... (tbh I'm disappointed just by the...
  19. MegaBeedrill

    RMT Hot Fiery Dance Party!

    I did try defensive landorus-t, however it didn't work out quite as well. Particularly, I lost my revenge killing capabilities for Mega Manectric, Gengar with that fast knock off, and even opposing Serperiors gave me a little trouble coming in on the worn down lando and crippling volc with a...
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    Pokemon What Drives You Crazy in Pokémon?

    Something that makes me scratch my head often is shedinja, a completely inanimate husk that can only float, with no exposed claws, yet it's a physical attacker with a larger physical movepool. I guess this is the result of the gen 4 type changes, but shedinja is one of those pokemon that really...