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  1. Raigetsu

    News Hidden Fates Charizard sells for over $10,000

    The set has barely stretched it's legs with most products not even releasing yet. And yet the endless thirst for Charizard for simply being a Charizard has reached new insane levels when a Shiny Charizard from Hidden Fates (Which again has barely been out) sold in graded form for over $10,000...
  2. Raigetsu

    Collecting Bought a Team Skull Box

    My GF and I bought a Mario Pikachu, Luigi Pikachu and Team Skull box. Did i do good :P
  3. Raigetsu

    Evolutions Charizard.... not a holo?

    Hello, I was browsing around eBay auctions when I took notice that there are no holofoil Charizards (normal available. There are the Reverse holofoil Charizards and theres the Pre-Release holofoil Charizards, but no normal holofoil rare Charizards. Can anyone verify (preferably with a photo) of...
  4. Raigetsu

    Trades [USA] Saviour Trades - GXs, EXs and Breaks for trade!

    US trader, willing to trade outside of country (given your ref counter is positive). WANTS: High Wants: Gym Badge Misty Gym Badge Surge Gym Badge Erika Gym Badge Koga Gym Badge Sabrina Gym Badge Blaine Gym Badge Giovanni Umbreon-GX (Rainbow) Pasimiam (S/M Prerelease) Bruxish (S/M Prerelease)...
  5. Raigetsu

    TCGO and Night March Trash Talking

    I don't know if it's amazing coincidence or a brilliant twist of fate... but two of my favorite Pokemon are Joltik and Pumpkaboo. Joltik because he's so darng adorable, I requested a friend with a japanese import to make me a Joltik egg so I can run it as my starter in Black/White. Pumpkaboo is...
  6. Raigetsu

    Wi-Fi Trades Raigetsu's Batcave - H: HA Chimchars, Piplup, Turtwig and Treecko!. W: HA Durant

    Friend Code: 4639-8963-4181 Time Zone: Pacific Time Times Available: 7am to 12pm Friend Safari: Electrode/Helioptile/Luxio Trade References: MaddMoni, Dr.Mario, Sir Taco, Pokelover586 My SV: 3746 Gf's SV: 3049 Haves: POKEMON: - Squirtle (has Water Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere) (Designed...