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  1. Tseus

    Ruling Evolutions stage-2 Charizard and DCE

    Hello! I was wondering if the Ability of the Evolutions stage 2 Charizard affects only basic energy or special energy as well (such as Double Colorless Energy). "Ability: Energy Burn All energy attatched to this pokemon are fire energy instead of their usual type."
  2. Tseus

    Trades [US ONLY] Tseus' Cabana | W: Volcanion Ex/non-Ex| H: Yanmega Break, Mewtwo EX FA (damage change)

    Trades will be in compliance with Pokebeach Marketplace rules. Tseus' Cabana Haves: Full arts: • Mewtwo Ex FA (BKT - 158) • Pikachu FA (GEN) Mega Ex: • M Mewtwo Ex (BKT - 63)x2 Ex/Rare/Promo • Rayquaza Ex (DEX)x2 • Keldeo Ex (BCR)x2 BREAK: • Greninja BREAK (BKP)x2 • Clawitzer BREAK...
  3. Tseus

    Trades [US-WW] Xerneas, Xerneas Break, Fairy Garden, Dual type Pokemon, Steam Siege Boosters

    Hello! I am wanting to build a Rainbow Road deck. Here is what I have as well as what I am looking for. All of my cards will be sent in a hard plastic sleeve, and I expect the same in return. All cards are Mint or Near Mint In Search Of: x4 • Xerneas (107/114 Break Through) x2 • Xerneas Break...