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  1. scizorlicious

    Ruling Dowsing Machine

    Can I play Dowsing Machine with no Trainer cards in my discard pile? (ie is discarding the two cards considered having an effect?) Thank you!
  2. scizorlicious

    Tool Time

    Pokemon (11) 4x Trubbish PS 3x Sigilyph Plasma Blast 2-2 Masquerain Trainers (39) 4x Professor Juniper 4x N 2x Skyla 3x Bicycle 4x Level Ball 4x Pokemon Catcher 4x Exp Share 4x Silver Mirror 3x Silver Bangle 3x Float Stone 2x Rescue Scarf 1x Super Rod 1x Dowsing Machine Energy (10) 10x...
  3. scizorlicious

    Pokemon What is the dumbest/most mindless thing that you have done in a Pokémon game (TCG) that you really r

    I figure we have one for the video game, so we might as well have one for the TCG as well.
  4. scizorlicious

    Ruling Japanese Energy

    Are you allowed to use Japanese basic energy in American tournaments? (obviously with sleeves).
  5. scizorlicious

    TDK for BRs and onward

    Pokemon 3x Kyurem PF 4x Deoxys EX 1x Lugia EX 2x Thundurus EX Trainers 4x Professor Juniper 4x N 1x Skyla 3x Colress 1x Bicycle 4x Pokemon Catcher 4x Colress Machine 4x Switch 2x Ultra Ball 2x Team Plasma Ball 3x Silver Bangle 2x Tool Scrapper 2x Frozen City 1x Computer Search Energy 4x...
  6. scizorlicious

    Writing Smiling are the Stars

    So I've been considering writing a novel(la) for the past couple of weeks and I just yesterday decided to go for it. Here's what I have so far; I may just scrap it and start something else if (when) I realize it's not as good as I originally thought it might be. This is only the beginning if I...
  7. scizorlicious

    Salamence (Dragon Selection)

    Okay, so out of the three Dragon-types recently revealed, Salamence is the only one that seems to have much promise. Its attack is pretty horrid (for a Stage 2 especially), but the Ability actually looks pretty interesting. So I was thinking about using this in several different ways– Durant...
  8. scizorlicious

    New Darkness-Based Deck?

    Sorry if the title sounds like a little kid at league saying he's playing his water deck, but what with the scans posted (and that nice-looking Zoroark and Darkrai), I thought a deck that was all dark-type might work. Zoroark - Darkness - HP100 Stage 1 - Evolves from Zorua [C][C] Beat...
  9. scizorlicious

    VileGar reborn...

    Everyone remember VileGar last season? Yeah, this is the same thing, except with a different Gengar... Pokémon (23): 4-4-4 Gengar Prime TM 3-1-2 Vileplume UD 2x Mr. Mime CoL 2x Spiritomb TM 1x Cleffa HS T/S/S (29): 4x Pokémon Collector 4x Twins 4x Seeker 3x Sage's Training 3x Professor Oak's...
  10. scizorlicious

    Mewtwo EX/Gardevoir HB

    Thought I might as well start on this now. Pokémon (18): 4x Mewtwo EX 3-1-3 Gardevoir HB 3-2 Yanmega Prime 1x Shaymin UL 1x Jirachi UL Energy (9): 8x Psychic Energy 1x Rescue Energy T/S/S (33): 4x Pokémon Collector 3x Professor Oak's New Theory 3x Sage's Training 2x...
  11. scizorlicious


    A Stage 1 doing 70 for 1/80 for 1 Sp. Dark with Kingdra to add 10 damage? If it weren't for the Donphan weakness and only 90 HP, this could be REALLY good. Thoughts?
  12. scizorlicious

    Ruling Shuffling After Drawing Cards

    This issue came up during the BR a couple weekends ago: Player A has a Magnezone in play as his active Pokemon. On Player B's turn, he knocks the Magnezone out. Player A draws a card at the beginning of his turn to bring his hand up to three cards. His deck is in a random order. Player A then...
  13. scizorlicious

    Scizorliscious: ZoneZelPlume, 5-1 @ Fairfax

    Hey guys. With nothing better to do, I've decided to post a tournament report for the BR today at Fairfax... so here it is: I got to bed really yesterday, and this morning I was still pretty sick (lots of congestion, I just felt sort of blah in general). The BR started pretty late though, so I...
  14. scizorlicious

    Does Pokemon Hate Arcanine?

    I'm dead serious. The last few Arcanine cards have just been awful. Does whoever designs the Arcanine cards just hate Arcanine or something? Arcanine HGSS (nice, only 110 HP, 2 for 50, and 4 for 90. Gamebreaking). Arcanine SV (4 for 40? Yea that's a good attack). Arcanine RR (this one...
  15. scizorlicious


    This is a post-PDHB deck. Pokemon (16): 2x Hitmontop HS 2x Minun UL 2x Plusle UL 2x Basculin PDHB 2x Skorupi TR 2x Victini NV 4x Tyrogue HS T/S/S (32): 4x Level Ball 4x Dual Ball 4x PokeGear 3.0 4x Pokemon Collector 4x Seeker 4x Energy Exchanger 4x Switch 4x Junk Arm...
  16. scizorlicious

    Lack of Drawpower

    One problem this format has is a lack of raw drawpower. Think about it: we have no drawpower whatsoever from Trainers, and very little from Supporters (Cheren's really the only one now, Bianca's not going to be played much). We have Magnezone, but that's a Stage 2, and basically just a...
  17. scizorlicious


    So I was looking at earlier, and stumbled upon something I thought was interesting. 2 Cleffa HS 3-3 Floatzel UL 3-3-3 Magnezone Prime 2-1-2 Vileplume UD 2 Interviewer's Questions 2 Twins 3 Judge 4 Professor Elm's Training Method 3 Pokemon Collector 3 Rare Candy 2 Professor Oak's New...
  18. scizorlicious

    Shiftry NV

    Here's a card I personally thought was very, very interesting. Shiftry – Darkness – HP130 Stage 2 – Evolves from Nuzleaf Ability: Giant Fan You can use this Ability 1 time when you play this card from your hand to Evolve a Pokemon. Flip a coin, if heads choose 1 of your opponent’s Pokemon...
  19. scizorlicious

    PoryDonk- The Unlimited Deck with No Limits

    PoryDonk Hello, all you 'Beachers. This is Scizorliscious, and, acknowledging the lull between Worlds and BRs with no rotation and only seven sets in format, thought it might be better to write an article on something other than topics that have been recycled around these past few weeks and...
  20. scizorlicious

    Pokemon LEAST forgotten Pokémon?

    So there's a thread on here about what we think is the Pokémon most people forget about. Well, why not the one the most people can remember? The one that just flies off your tongue when you think about Pokémon, that one Pokémon that even people who don't do anything Pokémon-related know of...