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  1. Dillonzer

    Community New Twitch Bot out for all Pokemon TCG Twitch Channels!

    Hey everyone! If you don't know me, I'm Dillonzer! I create a lot of things for the community like Card Buddy, Pokemon Card Viewer, Prize Tracker (and it's Twitch extension link) Pokemon TCG Tools, and some more things too (TCG and Unite related)! I also created PTCGBot (if you've seen it...
  2. Dillonzer

    Fun New Twitch Extension for PTCG Community!

    Hey fellow Trainers! You might remember me as the developer of Card Buddy but today I come to you with a new venture. I bring to you a brand new Twitch Extension.. Pokemon Card Viewer! This extension allows viewers to bring up a card on the side of the stream that they can look at themselves...
  3. Dillonzer

    Fun Discord Bot: Card Buddy!

    Hey fellow Pokemon Trainers! I've been heavily in love with the Pokemon Trading Card Game for years, but recently just started taking it seriously and playing it. I have joined many discords around PTCG and having to look up specific cards on Google to find a good quality picture to share with...