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  1. Toni Kensa

    Help PikaRom player moving to Mewtwo Mew deck questions

    Hi forum members! What would be considered the best start to achieve for Mew3 decks? For example, when I play as Pikarom it was Full Blitz T1. What's Mew3's "Full Blitz T1?"? Turbo Strike charging 2 energies on another Pokemon? When with Pikarom, I did train doing Full Blitz T1 as many times...
  2. Toni Kensa

    Help Zoroark GX decks changing on Team Up

    Hi Pokebeach trainers, Watching the changes Team Up did provoke in our current game I’m seeing decks change, on this case I have questions about Zoroark GX decks. 1. Why does Magcargo is getting less frequent? Doesn’t Zoroark’s trade relies a lot on it? 2. Why does Weavile’s getting less...
  3. Toni Kensa

    Help Shuffle and Cut - How many times?

    Hi Pokebeach trainers, I’m close to play my first big tournament and there’s something I would like to check with you experienced players: how many times do you shuffle your deck before “offering” it to be cut by your opponent? Tournament’s much more faster than I’m used to play, time...
  4. Toni Kensa

    Discussion Lost March decks, too late to start?

    Hi Pokebeach forum, Yesterday I did visit a store to buy some cards, they had rental decks to try and have fun, I did pick Lost March to play against friends. Even thought I didn't won all matches, I had fun with it, it's "how does those little monsters do that" factor is funny to me. Since...
  5. Toni Kensa

    Standard Altaria-GX (Dragon + Water) Deck

    Hi Pokebeach trainers, We're having some trouble to make a viable Altaria-GX deck on Standards, I would like to have your help on reviewing this deck. We're looking for suggestions on how to improve it, and to know if Altaria-GX's viable to play on competitive Standard meta. Monsters ( . 2...
  6. Toni Kensa

    Help Necrozma-GX vs Shuckle-GX

    Hi Pokebeach trainers, Today I played a cup match which raised some doubts on wheter or not to properly damage against Shuckle-GX. I was using Necrozma-GX's Prismatic Burst against Shuckle-GX, the other player said only 10 damage would apply because I have discarded the energies to apply the...
  7. Toni Kensa

    Help Tapu Lele-GX is almost on every player, how to counter it?

    Hi PokeBeach trainers, Besides Alola Ninetales Fairy one thing I saw a lot on my first championship was Tapu Lele-GX, every player I faced today had it to make use of Wonder Tag skill. I mean, if every one use it guaranteed, there's a pattern and could be exploited (or couldn't? lol). Do you...
  8. Toni Kensa

    Help SM1 close to be out of Standard soon?

    Hi Pokebeach community, Last week I heard from some random players that SM1 is being decommissioned from Standard play next year. When does this happen? Thanks!
  9. Toni Kensa

    Help Competitive players’ budget

    Hi Pokebeach trainers! A question for all of you on competitive scene, just to set my expectations: how much do you normally spend per each month on TCG? I saw that expansions get released more often than I thought, do you buy each expansion boxes to try your luck or/and look for specific...