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  1. ThePokemonGuardian

    Full Art Serena, Furisode Girl from “Incandescent Arcana!”

    I still think boss will still be played but at a lower count when ex's start coming out just to be able to gust ex's too. Like decks would maybe start playing one boss still and maybe a few Serena, then when V's start leaving the format, serena will slowly stop seeing play and Boss will be...
  2. ThePokemonGuardian

    Full Art Serena, Furisode Girl from “Incandescent Arcana!”

    These are some really nice FA's. Of course Serena will probably see the most play out of those supporters, early draw is really nice so you don't have to worry about boss's orders beaing a dead card early game and you can draw cards or Gust.
  3. ThePokemonGuardian

    “Pokemon ex” Return, New “Scarlet & Violet” TCG Cards Revealed at Worlds!

    ex cards are back(The gen 3 ex's with the lowercase letters) I wonder how much HP they will have, like maybe same amount as V's usually had or same amount that Basic GX's or Gen 5 and 6 EX's had?
  4. ThePokemonGuardian

    Tapu Lele, Capture Aroma from ‘Incandescent Arcana’!

    Tapu Lele GX's attack got a reprint on a non rule box Card. Nothing too special But that Capture Aroma is pretty good, either way you are getting a Basic or an Evolution Tails has no downside i would give it a 4-5 I could see this getting play in place of Evolution Incense along with Ultra Ball...
  5. ThePokemonGuardian

    More “Incandescent Arcana” Cards Revealed!

    That Ho-Oh V looks familliar, isn't this basicly the Ho-Oh EX attack and ability
  6. ThePokemonGuardian

    “Silver Tempest” English Set in November!

    I really hope they reveal a Garchomp Vstar before the SWSH era ends. I have been wanting one since Garchomp V released in Astral Radiance which was pretty unplayable and ever since i felt like it really needs a Vstar.
  7. ThePokemonGuardian

    “Pokemon Presents” on Wednesday for “Scarlet & Violet!”

    I agree, they should have revealed more than what they have given us so far, we should have known more about the games than what we currently do as there are only 3 months left. So this upcoming reveal trailer better hopefully reveal some more major information.
  8. ThePokemonGuardian

    TPCI Releases Alternative Play Handbook: Raid Format, 2v2 Team Battles, & More!

    Yeah, it looks awesome and a nice new way to play