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  1. Teenyvictini

    Help Flareon in Legacy.

    Lately I've been taking glances at the legacy format on PTCGO, and seeing what cards I have that are legal in legacy. I used to be a former Vespiqueen Player so Flareon from plasma freeze seems to be right up my alley! I was wondering if anyone had a decklist for this Flareon that preferably...
  2. Teenyvictini

    Help Looking for a Pokemon with a certain attack.

    I'm currently looking for a strategy to use with Gyradoes GX, and I really am looking for a pokemon that has an attack that takes energy from the active pokemon and moves it to a benched one. I'm looking for a pokemon in the standard (or expanded) format that has an attack similar to Smoochum's...
  3. Teenyvictini

    Standard Shining Jirachi- Decidueye GX Snipe.

    Deck list: ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ****** ##Pokémon - 15 * 4 Rowlet SUM 9 * 2 Dartrix SUM 10 * 4 Decidueye-GX PR-SM SM37 * 1 Espeon-EX BKP 52 * 2 Shining Jirachi SLG 42 * 2 Tapu Lele-GX GRI 60 ##Trainer Cards - 37 * 4 Rare Candy PRC 135 * 4 Professor Sycamore PHF 101 * 3...
  4. Teenyvictini

    Standard Raikou and Shining Genesect!

    Decklist: ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ****** ##Pokémon - 15 * 1 Oranguru SUM 113 * 1 Caterpie BUS 1 (Place holder for Shining legends Bulbasaur) * 1 Butterfree BUS 3 (Place holder for Shining Legends Venasaur) * 2 Grubbin SUM 13 * 1 Charjabug SUM 51 * 2 Vikavolt SUM 52 * 3...
  5. Teenyvictini

    PTCGO Mewtwo EX Glitch.

    Recently I've become fond of using the burning shadows Alolan Ninetales. It's ability is supposed to prevent all effects of attack, including damage done to itself, however when going up against a Mewtwo EX that uses damage change something very odd happens. On the PTCGO the Mewtwo EX first gets...
  6. Teenyvictini

    Standard Lycanroc-GX (Midday form) deck list!

    Since the cards release I have grown very fond of Lycanroc-GX (midday form). My deck is for the standard format, and it's more of a rouge deck! I will say I personally didn't have to trade alot of packs for these cards, so I'd say it lingers more to the budget side. The strategy is to quickly...
  7. Teenyvictini

    Question How Does One Start Competitively Battling?

    Hello! I have been into the TCG card game for a while, but my first game was sun and moon. I got it in december, and since then has had basically the same team, my starter, and a few other pokemon with different types. I've taken an interest in watching the lately released VGC worlds videos on...
  8. Teenyvictini

    PTCGO Tapu Lele Ban???

    Today while creating a deck i noticed a certain card had a ban symbol on it. This card happened to be the promo Tapu Lele! Can anyone give me more intel on why this card was banned? My guess is it's an error with how the second attack functions. -Victini
  9. Teenyvictini

    Help Shining Legends Confusion...

    With the hype of shining legends I tried reading everything I could about this up coming set, but I've stumbled upon some disagreements. You see, Shining Legends was described to be only available in certain promotional boxes or collections, like Generations, however shows a...
  10. Teenyvictini

    Discussion Fun Idea: Expanded or Legacy Tournament!

    Ok, so as long as I've been here, I've only seen monthly standard tournaments, but we also have Expanded and Legacy formats on the PTCGO. My quesiton is, why don't we ever have a tournament, or even a mini tournament based around those formats? I'd even be happy if there wasn't a prize, I just...
  11. Teenyvictini

    Discussion Talonflame V.S. Sylveon GX

    Talonflame (Steam Siege) has been paired up nicely with multiple decks, one being Greninja Break, Sylveon, newly released from Guardians Rising is a fairy type that evolves from eevee, and is paired up Nicely with Drampa GX, but which one is better? Well let's look at the facts: (the slashes...
  12. Teenyvictini

    Collecting Completing the Unova Pokedex on PTCGO

    Ok, today i had a very interesting idea! I'm going to try and fill the Unova pokedex on PTCGO. My goal is to have 1 of every unova pokemon card by the end of july! Wish me luck! Which region should I do next, and should i post a list of the cards I have?
  13. Teenyvictini

    Help First Tournament and I'm a Little Scared.

    Here are a few questions I have, since, I'm basically a male form of Bianca and am bound to make a mistake, hopefully, with the help of the comment section, these mistakes wont cost me a match. First off how do I turn on Private messaging, because it says that is needed, also, do me and my...
  14. Teenyvictini

    Discussion Target Whistle Temporarily Banned on PTCGO

    Earlier today I logged onto my PTCGO to be greeted with a pop up bubble. I'll spare you the whole text, but in a nutshell, Target Whistle (Phantom Forces #106) has temporarily been banned due to a malfunction which brings the opponent's Pokemon onto your own bench, not the opponents bench.
  15. Teenyvictini

    PTCGO PTCGO Singles for Sale?

    Can somebody help me find a trustworthy website that sells PTCGO singles, preferably well priced? Thankyou for your help!
  16. Teenyvictini

    Discussion XY Farewell set?

    Ok, So I know it'll seem odd, but I made my account just to share this thought, but I'll still use this account! Whilst looking at the XY japan promos, i saw many cards that never made their way over to the English sets. Please note that a lot of these are full arts! Were we cheated out of some...