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    Artist Review: Kagemaru Hinemo

    An amazing artist, and my favourite. Kagemaru Hinemo has been around since Base Set (I believe) Jungle; his earliest work I know of is the Pidgeot that returns Pokemon to your opponent's hand. His current style has soft shading and amazing lighting, often a circle(?) of light or water dappling...
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    Carddex set symbols

    In the carddex, some set symbols have been replaced with energy symbols.. HL -> (F) symbol EM -> (L) symbol
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    Nintendo Wii... what the?

    Wii wiill rock you I liked 'Revolution' a LOT better... Prof. Chris on the 'gym did make a good point about the name, though: EDIT: Article I found in the thread that Abhorsen linked to. [link] And for the record...
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    Pokemon "Horon"?

    Picked up Zelda: Oracle of Season the other day, restarted a file and started playing.. and something jumped out at me. The home village's name. Horon Village? Gee, what a coincidence. Does anyone know if "Horon" means anything?
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    Pokemon Porygon2 = Ethanol?

    This has probably been noticed before. Oh wells. In science class the other day, we were modelling hydrocarbons (molecules containing Hydrogen and Carbon). It came to Ethanol, which has the structure: I kid you not. Now, if you imagine that the 2 C's are the body, the O as the head, the H...
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    B_F's stuff

    My Deviantart account, also in my sig, has an archive of my stuff. I'm not taking requests (bad experience.. *shudder*), although I might take suggestions. C+C is highly appreciated, I barely get any. So yeah. EDIT: Spriting.. Revamps from Crystal...
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    Gonna be gone for a while...

    Going to the US for a family trip on Friday, and the computer's been packed because the house is getting painted while we're gone. I'm typing this on my dad's laptop, but I'm not sure how much time I'm gonna get on it, 'cause it's my dad's after all. I'm getting back on the 30th, so I probably...
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    Need some opinions on this...

    Moonlight Castform, less opacity, without outlines [original] Moonlight Castform, less opacity, without outlines, larger image Moonlight Castform, more opacity, without outlines Moonlight Castform, more opacity, with outlines This is a form of Castform I designed a while ago, but just got...
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    Heh, more questions. Avies

    The User CP states that the Avie limit is 56*56 pixels, however, I've noted that it seems only a few members adhere to that. Is it actually official, or is it just a default setting that doesn't work anyway and was never intended? Just wondering.
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    Flood Control.

    Flood control is currently set to 60 seconds, could it be turned off? I touch-type, and using Firefox to have multiple tabs open, I often post a reply, switch tabs, type my response in less than 60 seconds, and get stopped by flood control. D: