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  1. Drakeman

    (2) All Names Possibly Revealed, More 'Black' and 'White' English Names Revealed [1/13]

    Excadrill? Change it to Expelliarmus while you're at it. Whatever it is, every generation has its crap. Im pretty thankful that we didn't get worse Pokemon designs. I seriously laughed at Cofagrigus. Well maybe it has the word 'friend' in it. Anyway, i like pretty much all the names, but still, can...
  2. Drakeman

    BW/BW2 Terakion and behemoth relation?

    They do look similar, but i guess the creators were not inspired by behemoth.
  3. Drakeman

    (1) Isshu Starter's English Names Revealed! [11/22]

    Hahaha, these names are really funny. I like Snivy out of all of them. Unova sound something you would get from TRON: Legacy or Star Trek.
  4. Drakeman

    Are Team Rocket stronger?

    I agree with Kevin. Mijumaru is the comedic relief.
  5. Drakeman

    BW/BW2 First Impression

    I think the only Pokemon in this generation that's lame for me is the Ice Cream one. That's basically it. Other Pokemon rocks. Especially my Avatar. Hahaha!
  6. Drakeman

    Are Team Rocket stronger?

    They are quite serious looking imo in Best Wishes. I was actually shocked when they landed perfectly and used a smoke bomb like ninjas do. I want the Prepare For Trouble! Make it Double! to come back.
  7. Drakeman

    BW/BW2 Pokemon Black and White Offical art

    Im waiting for Kurimugan and also Ahkeos's artwork.
  8. Drakeman

    BW/BW2 Nageki and Dageki

    Basically they can be compared to Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. Their counterparts of Generation One.
  9. Drakeman

    BW/BW2 English Names For Revealed Pokemon

    I want Hihidaruma's english name to be Flamedaruma. Btw, i like Forraconda and Royal/Roya conda. Cool.
  10. Drakeman

    BW/BW2 Best Spot to train in Pokemon White

    Try the Victory Road.
  11. Drakeman

    (7) Lots o' News [9/29]

    Im so gonna have the 3DS.
  12. Drakeman

    Pokemon Best Wishes: Season 1 Episodes (No Season 2 Discussion)

    RE: Best Wishes Episodes In the first two episodes of BW, Mijumaru shows hints that he might want to follow Ash.
  13. Drakeman

    BW/BW2 Gen V Grass Types.

  14. Drakeman

    BW/BW2 Isshu League Champion Adeku. Father of Buck and Elite Four Flint?

    @XieRH: Mars is Team Galactic. She has absolutely nothing to do with Team Rocket whatsoever. Im talking about people that may have similarities like Adeku and Buck share, also Flint, since he's Buck's brother. But hey, its just speculation.
  15. Drakeman

    BW/BW2 Isshu League Champion Adeku. Father of Buck and Elite Four Flint?

    Yeah, i would fear that would happen.
  16. Drakeman

    BW/BW2 Isshu League Champion Adeku. Father of Buck and Elite Four Flint?

    I noticed that Adeku, the Isshu League Champion bears some serious resemblance to Buck and his brother Flint. All of them have red hair, sported clothes that have at least red on them, and this could well be possible following Lady Caitlin being the current Elite Four in Isshu and also Cynthia...
  17. Drakeman

    BW/BW2 Ononokusu Overkill?

    That is some attack. Im pretty psyched!
  18. Drakeman

    (1) 'Pokemon Black' Pokedex Entries! [9/21]

    @Playerking95: Swana's sound cool to me too. I like Gamageorge's too. The fact its lumps contains poison.
  19. Drakeman

    (1) 'Pokemon Black' Pokedex Entries! [9/21]

    My favourite description has got to be Wargle's. It could carry a car and lift it high up in the heavens. Lol! Sounds strong!