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  1. FlameBoy4792

    Discussion New Turtwig blister pack: Should starters get equal recognition?

    This website has preorders for a Lost Origins checklane blister pack featuring Turtwig, Grotle and Torterra. As with other blisters, it has a pack and coin. I’m glad they’re returning old Pokémon to...
  2. FlameBoy4792

    “Infernape V Box” in September!

    Piplup gets way more love than the other two starters, it’s nice to see Infernape getting its own product. Though, even before this, Chimchar was favoured more than Turtwig, so I hope there’s at least a Torterra V at some point.
  3. FlameBoy4792

    More ‘Pokemon GO’ Cards: Melmetal VMAX, Legendary Birds, Ditto Peeling Mechanic, and More!

    The mechanic with the ditto is so interesting, I don’t think they’ve made many interactive cards before. I’m excited to see how they pull that off!
  4. FlameBoy4792

    ‘Brilliant Stars’ English Set List!

    Anyone know when it releases? I can’t wait for the Turtwig Grotle and Torterra cards
  5. FlameBoy4792

    eBay Launches Mandatory Card Authentication Service for Pokemon and Other TCGs

    I think they should lower the cost from $750 to 100-250, because nobody would buy a card for $500 that’s ungraded. Also it would be interesting to know if you can send in cards that are under the price limit.
  6. FlameBoy4792

    “Sinnoh Stars Mini Tins” in April!

    I’m so glad they’re giving Sinnoh its own mini tins, I can’t wait to buy a turtwig one.
  7. FlameBoy4792

    Infernape V, Riley, and Next Batch of Gym Promos Revealed!

    Can’t wait for them to announce a Torterra V (if they do). It’d be the third special Torterra card made
  8. FlameBoy4792

    Shaymin VSTAR, Lumineon V, Sinnoh Starters, and More from ‘Star Birth!’

    I’m so glad Turtwig Grotle and Torterra are making a comeback in the tcg, that Grotle card looks so nice can’t wait
  9. FlameBoy4792

    Large Set of Pokemon Coins Releasing in Japan!

    You already know I’m getting that Turtwig coin so hyped
  10. FlameBoy4792

    Has there been any news about the leaked Time Gazer and Space Juggler set? Is there a set list...

    Has there been any news about the leaked Time Gazer and Space Juggler set? Is there a set list or any confirmed cards?