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  1. MewtwoberTCG

    TCG Fakes Mewtwober's Fan Text-Based Fakes: Fallen Heros Fan Set

    Hey 'Beachgoers! I was looking at @TheFlyingPidove's fan fakes and I was inspired to make my own set. I will try to update at least once a week. Pokemon: Fallen Heros 50 New Cards 5 Exs 5 BREAKs 10 Trainers
  2. MewtwoberTCG

    Little Cup: A New Fan TCG Format

    Hey 'Beachgoers. A few months ago while doing the norm (looking through Pokebeach) I stumbled across an article where there was a format with only common Pokemon and special rules for basic Energy. (I wish I could give credit but I can't find the article) I decided to develop this format even...
  3. MewtwoberTCG

    Standard PCL-STS Aqua Ray 2016-2017

    After competing in this year's Nationals with VespiPlume (a very bad decision) I decided to come up with a new Aqua Ray deck for next season. I will also be stating my reasons for including some cards, some other techs, and what you could take out. I will try to update this list when needs be...
  4. MewtwoberTCG

    Ruling US Nationals Double-Sleeving Rules

    This year I will be attending Nats and I wanted to know if you're allowed to double sleeve your deck. Thanks for any help.
  5. MewtwoberTCG

    Standard Vespiplume (Vileplume/Vespiquen) - US Nationals

    US Nationals is coming up soon so I would like some advise on how in the name of Malakaspoon should I play Vespiplume. Pokemon 27 4 Combee AOR 9 4 Vespiquen AOR 10 4 Unown AOR 30 4 Oddish AOR 1 3 Gloom AOR 2 3 Vileplume AOR 3 2 Shaymin-EX ROS 106 1 Bunnelby PCL 121 1 Seismitoad-EX FUF 20 1 Mr...