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  1. skawt

    Zeraora-GX from SM7a Revealed!

    Lmao Magcargo. Ready for my Delcatty-GX next.
  2. skawt

    'Charisma of the Wrecked Sky,' Japan's SM7 Set Announced!

    Altaria is so cute what a good boy.
  3. skawt

    'Charisma of the Wrecked Sky,' Japan's SM7 Set Announced!

    Stakaktaktaka is honestly the worst Pokémon ever like I can handle a pile of trash and an ice cream cone but a literal wall?????
  4. skawt

    Next Season's Standard Format: SM-on!

    BYE MAX ELIXER WON'T MISS YOU. Thank god the McDonald's cards safe PHEW.
  5. skawt

    SM7a 'Fairy Rise' Announced!

    I forgot Stakakatkaktakaka was a Pokémon lol. Almost as forgettable as Kecleon.
  6. skawt

    News Japan's SM6b, 'Champion Road'!

    Re: Electrode-GX. Well. Just as I thought. Trash. Re: Magcargo In b4 ban.
  7. skawt

    News New Pokemon To Be Revealed This Weekend, Likely Zeraora!

    I hate how close Zeraora is to Zorua.
  8. skawt

    'Forbidden Light,' Japan's SM6 Set!

    Ok but the bottom left product looks like it says "Collector Sh*t" when little.
  9. skawt

    Japan's SM6+ Set, 'Dragon Storm,' Plus 'Champion Road' Mini-Set!

    To be fair, I'm pretty sure Aritcuno only ahs one pose.
  10. skawt

    'Forbidden Light,' Japan's SM6 Set!

    Can we discuss how cute that Tyrunt is. Also Sylveon looks neat. But dead immediately after it uses its attack lol
  11. skawt

    'Forbidden Light,' Japan's SM6 Set!

    Why is Rockruff such a sadboi tho?
  12. skawt

    New Zygarde-GX and Aether Foundation Employee Promos!

    At quick glance I thought someone folded a card in half and it hurt me on the inside.
  13. skawt

    'Forbidden Light,' Japan's SM6 Set!

    Who else thought Pheromosa was poppin' her booty out for a second there.
  14. skawt

    New Mimikyu and Pikachu Promos in 'It's Mimikyu' Card Box Set!

    Pls release this in NA I want that golden Mimikyu coin online.
  15. skawt

    'Forbidden Light,' Japan's SM6 Set!

    Frubbles is my new aesthetic.
  16. skawt

    'Necrozma Prism Tins' in March!

    Promo print, right? None of this set-list numbered stuff >:(
  17. skawt

    News Legendary Pokemon Distributions, TCG Products Announced for 2018: Explains Some Things!

    N is a great card. It keeps games interesting and makes you think on your feet.
  18. skawt

    News Japan's December Sets: 'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon!'

    Does Cyrus affect the active Pokémon too or just the benched? Also hay Darkrai I like you. Duskmane looks pretty good with Metagross too. Dawnwings is as useless as all Lunala cards.
  19. skawt

    SM5+ 'Ultra Force' Releasing in January!

    So wait why is Dragon even a type when you can just make the cards actually playable.......