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  1. aaron2310

    Discussion Cards That Work With Unified Minds Alolan Marowak?

    I think the Unified Mind's Alolan Marowak is pretty interesting with it's free Spirit Smash attack. "Discard the top card of your opponent's deck. If the card you discarded is a Pokémon, this attack does damage equal to that Pokémon's HP to your opponent's Active Pokémon." So I was trying to...
  2. aaron2310

    Collecting Reverse Holos vs Normal Holos

    Relatively recent returning player and just wondering what the general consensus was from collectors/players about the reverse holos. If a card has a standard holo and a reverse version, which is generally considered more value or better?
  3. aaron2310

    Discussion Newb Question - Best Value for Energy/Attack?

    When judging a card, what is the benchmark for attacks that are best value for their energy cost?
  4. aaron2310

    Standard Magearna/Lucario

    I'm returning player with a limited collection. I really enjoyed running the new Lucario at the Unbroken Bonds pre-release and then I saw Magearna's ability and wanted to have a go at putting the two together. I was hoping to get some suggestions/feedback on the decklist as it's the first one...
  5. aaron2310

    Standard Raikou/Pikachu-EX/Magnezone

    Hi guys. First post! Returning player (talking back when the game originally came out!) looking to get back into the game. Lightning was always my favourite type so having looked into viable Lightning decks I'm taken with the Raikou/Pikachu-EX/Magnezone deck. I've not yet played it and am in...