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  1. NicoNoo

    Swords of Justice, Claydol, Stonjourner, and More from “Paradigm Trigger!”

    I don't mind decks that don't use supporters (like this one or Golurk). My issue is that these decks are underpowered simply because of the fact that they don't release enough support cards to make such gimmick viable, even in an entirely casual level. This tells me that the design is lazy and...
  2. NicoNoo

    New “Preview Box” for Scarlet & Violet TCG Releasing in January!

    LOL I don't know why they're still hiding the fact that these evolve from the same Dragon.
  3. NicoNoo

    Pokemon TCG Officially Launching in China, Massive New Market!

    Lol that's ridiculous, for centuries children have managed to deal with concepts like death, poison, ghosts, etc., and they have never grown for the worse. It's not like they're censoring racism, sexism or anything of the sort, it's just stuff that goes contrary to the tenets of the CCP like the...
  4. NicoNoo

    Dragonite from “Pokemon TCG Online Illustration Exhibition”

    These are beautiful... Should have been made into real cards, really don't understand why they aren't.
  5. NicoNoo

    Grafaiai from Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Revealed!

    Having an animal based on a tropical primate in a Spain based region is extremely weird... I know that misplaced wildlife is a common phenomenon in Pokemon games, but I have complained about things like Eiscue before, so give me a pass here. Koraidon is similar in this regard, as it blatantly...
  6. NicoNoo

    Pokemon Players Concerned as Tournament Registration Fees Hit Nearly $70

    So the physical scene is getting worse and TCGLive remains as crappy as 6 months ago... Thank god PTCGO is still alive, although I wonder how long can the (competitive) game actually survive if the app is the only thing entirely holding it up... I wonder if TPCi is just trying to kill...
  7. NicoNoo

    “Pokemon ex” Return, New “Scarlet & Violet” TCG Cards Revealed at Worlds!

    Hooray, big basics are gone in favor of evolving multiprizers. That kind of thing was one of my most loved aspects of the early SUMO era, and I hope they won't EVER touch three prizers again. Let them rot in expanded.
  8. NicoNoo

    “Arceus VSTAR Ultra Premium Collection” Coming Soon!

    I'm still waiting for Arceus VStar League Battle Deck...
  9. NicoNoo

    “Silver Tempest” English Set in November!

    I mean it's still true that many gen VII Pokemon were left out. Regieleki and Regidrago so far still don't have a V, Enamorus doesn't have a Therian forme card, Hatterene never got its VMAX card (and this one hurts because it's the ONLY pokemon with a gigantamax that didn't get a VMax), the...
  10. NicoNoo

    “Incandescent Arcana” Set Featuring Alolan Vulpix VSTAR Officially Revealed!

    Now stuff like Serena is something I truly like. Stuff that punishes the overuse of multiprize pokemon while allowing single-prize pokemon to get off scott-free, with a beautiful character attached? Sign me up. There are a few problematic interactions (like Manaphy in bench for bench or spread...
  11. NicoNoo

    Pidgeot V, Thorton from ‘Lost Abyss’!

    So the idea here is getting Cassius with an extra step, which would be Pidgeot.
  12. NicoNoo

    Hisuian Arcanine, Phione from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    Having to use a supporter to get to the cards you want is a problem. As I already mentioned, decks like this need to target the bench to get a reasonable prize trade going on, and that means that you want to use Boss Orders. So having to choose between two important cards hurts a deck that wants...
  13. NicoNoo

    Hisuian Arcanine, Phione from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    So Granbull is back. There's the small problem that Vstar only give 2 prizes and you still need 2 hits to KO them, so this deck will likely need to target benched support like Lumineon to work. Its typing goes a long way tho, because it OHKOs Arceus... If you can get rid of Dunsparce first. We...
  14. NicoNoo

    Clefairy, Clefable from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    So if you manage to trigger the 4 Clefairys that's 14 energy in a single turn, which hits for 280 damage which is enough against Arceus VStar. The only matter is getting to your switch cards in time and energy management after your first KO - because your active Clefairy getting KO'd decreases...
  15. NicoNoo

    Hisuian Basculin, Hisuian Basculegion from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    We really need a Battle Compressor reprint, if anything for energies only to make cards like this one viable. Dump 4-5 energies from deck would be fair.
  16. NicoNoo

    Pikachu, Raichu from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    Raichu is NOT bad, though it's certainly a bit hard to setup. I could see this becoming a new flaaffy variant with Arceus, even if you're stacking weaknesses, given that making the rest of your deck single prizers should help you on the prize race. It's also LCC, so it's compatible with Double...
  17. NicoNoo

    Logan Paul Sets Guinness World Record for Most Expensive Pokemon Card Purchase Ever

    I honestly don't care about him, and don't hate him for his money or whatever (otherwise I would be hating everyone rich), but I think he was a negative influence in the landscape of the competitive TCG. It wasn't entirely his fault, it was all a combination of factors, but it has gotten to the...
  18. NicoNoo

    “Time Gazer” and “Space Juggler” Fully Revealed!

    The Super-Effective Glasses will make Wormadam Zoroark box decks fairly stronger. As it stands, the deck has a problem getting a OHKO on some targets such as Mew (though this one is solved by Mightyena), Gengar and Calyrex Ice. Now you can actually OHKO the latter two without getting an...
  19. NicoNoo

    Togekiss from ‘Space Juggler’!

    It's not nitpicking if it's the entire reason why I am posted this, tone it down the condescending tone. I like double typings and small types to be actually represented instead of reprinting Gardevoir for the unteempth time.
  20. NicoNoo

    Togekiss from ‘Space Juggler’!

    It's a bad card but I like the fact that they are actually printing different Fairy and Poison pokemon with their new typing instead of repeating the same mistakes of the SM era, that only printed the same Fairy Pokémon over and over again.