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  1. StellaTheSneasel

    BW/BW2 Pokemon Black and White SUPER CUTE Plushies!

    There are many, check em out! :D There's Zekrom, Reshiram, Chibi Reshiram, The Starters, Mamepato, and Kibago<3 Cute eh?
  2. StellaTheSneasel

    BW/BW2 The White Forest and Black City on the MAP!!

    I have no clue if there's a thread similar to this but whatever.. You can see the white thing is the white forest because if you look carefully its white with trees sticking out, kinda like that one image. For the black city, you can see the blue areas of the city, black, and grey.
  3. StellaTheSneasel

    Pocket Monsters Lemon/Lime Versions

    I haven't made the mascots, heros, or the plot yet. I'm first going to work on the fakemon, one-by-one, one-per-day. The Colash Region Lilymono, the Blossom Pokemon. When attacked, Lilymono rides gusts of weak winds from forest to forest moaning to its friends to help it. Grass/Ghost
  4. StellaTheSneasel

    BW/BW2 The Childhood Friends of Your Character!

    Is it me, or do these two look a lot alike? They both have orange/white outfits, and blonde hair. Also, accents of green. Plus, they're to be your childhood friend, meaning rivalry. Discuss!
  5. StellaTheSneasel

    The Official StellaTheSneasel Art Thread! [BIKUTINI WALLPAPER ADDED!]

    Welcome everybody to my art Thread! I can take requests, art trades, collages, and commissions here! NOTICE: Please keep this all in topic!(: KEY PURPLE means the artwork is almost done. GREEN means the artwork is slightly worked on, but I'm working on it. BLACK means I haven't...
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    What's Your favorite band? :D

    Mine's Asking Alexandria! <3
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    BW/BW2 Zoroark is A GIRL. Lucario's Wife <3

    You know how Zoroark is Event-Only? It's FEMALE only. ♀ That's according to this, though. Plus it's the first 5th generation pokemon leaked, just like Lucario. Although Lucario is boy/girl, Male Lucarios are husbands to Zoroarks. Make a...
  8. StellaTheSneasel

    'Oha Suta' Unnamed Black Lolita Pokemon and Gardevoir Art! Check em out!

    It's official. That new Pokemon is Gardevoir's evil sister. Hey guys my birthday is Thursday! :cool:
  9. StellaTheSneasel

    Here's my Chiraami/Chiramii

    Whatever you spell it. She's really cute. Yeah I know I gotta work on lighting ._.
  10. StellaTheSneasel

    BW/BW2 What the "new released" Pokemon Resemble?

    Okay, we all know Chiraami resembles a Chinchilla. Plus a Chinchilla's a rodent so it has to be the region's rodent to deal with like Pachirisu and Pikachu... No. Maybe not since it's normal type, not electric. I don't know though, not all of the Pokemon were released yet. Gear is a pair of...
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    Kayy. Here they are. I just did the Pokeymanz because I be playinn the lazy game. PLUS this is a Pokeyman site so... yeahh. Ish not all of them, just my bests [hr] Ohh!! Sorry for double post!! They didn't...
  12. StellaTheSneasel

    BW/BW2 Fake Art/Guesses for 5th Generation Starters!

    Now you've all seen them on the front page, am I right? WELL, I took a moment to doodle what I think the grass starter will look like, and for some odd reason it looks like corn. I bet it has nothing to even do with corn. What are your ideas/pictures?