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  1. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Metagross EX

    It was released November 19, cards are legal 3 weeks after release, so it'll be legal this Wednesday.
  2. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Which 'N' is Legal?

    It was reprinted as league promo BW100.
  3. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Itemfinder & Supporters

    No, junk arm only applies to trainer items.
  4. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Forfeiting

    11.1. Withdrawing after the Final Swiss Round Players may choose to drop from a tournament after the final Swiss round of a Swiss plus Single- Elimination tournament rather than participate in the Single Elimination. If a player would like to drop during the final round of Swiss, he or she must...
  5. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Forfeiting

    Depends on when you drop. If you drop after the cutoff, your spot likely will not pass down. However, if you want to keep the prizes you simply scoop both games. You setup your field game one, concede the match. Setup game two, concede the match. Be sure to tell the tournament staff ahead of...
  6. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Cradily's Lifesplosion

    Also, it's not a basic pokémon, but it is also not an evolved pokémon. So things that would devolve it (like golurk ) have no effect and things that state something like "not an evolved pokémon" (like machamp ) would have an effect on those pokémon
  7. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Paralyze and Asleep Ruling

    Using a card effect like switch, keldeo EX's rush in, escape rope, etc don't count as retreating.
  8. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling EXP Share and SP Questions

    RE: a couple of quick questions (exp share and SP pokemon) In order to benefit from the card, it has to be attached to a benched pokémon. Sp is an abbreviation for special pokémon. The letter/s after the name are part of the name (lv x isn't), so you can have 4 dialga and 4 dialga G in the...
  9. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Audino BCR

    Think of it like trying to use diving draw with no cards in your hand. Can you discard? No. If you can't discard, you can't draw. Much like if you can't heal damage or remove a special condition, you can't discard audino.
  10. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Audino BCR

    No, you may not.
  11. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Double Weakness?

    Yes, yes it would.
  12. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Aurorus' Ice Shield Ability

    RE: furious fists ice shield Yes, it is.
  13. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Electivire's "Tag Team Spark" Attack.

    On both. Just like Deoxys ex can't boost another Deoxys ex's attack.
  14. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling What is the Rule for LV. X Pokemon?

    Also, lv X is not an evolution.
  15. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Question About Strong Energy

    RE: Question about the ENGLISH Strong Energy Yes, the effect will stack.
  16. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Mulligan Question

    RE: I have a scenario question Prizes first, then mulligan draw. Both players must have their prizes out before the mulligan draw. Common practice is to place a die on your deck to keep track of the amount of mulligan draws you're allowed since you can't draw them till your opponent has set...
  17. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Mulligan Question

    RE: I have a scenario question After the prizes are set out by both players. Before active Pokémon are flipped to start the game.
  18. CarlosDuranJr

    Brave Vesperia, why, thank you =)

    Brave Vesperia, why, thank you =)
  19. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Xerneas' Geomancy Attack

    RE: Xerneas and Geomancy Yes, it is a legal way to use geomancy The contents of your deck are private knowledge. Even if you just used super rod and shuffled in 3 fairy energy you can choose to attach 2, 1, or even "fail" the search and attach 0.
  20. CarlosDuranJr

    Ruling Quick Question About Double-KO

    And, no, it doesn't matter what caused the damage. Replacing your Active Pokemon is part of the KO action, so you need to complete that first before drawing the prize card/s