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  1. Flamewheel

    Help Competitive TCG Resources?

    Hi all, I happen to have a lot of time on my hands right now and I am wanting to get more serious about competitive play. I am going to be gone soon for a few months though and I will miss a few things. But in the meantime, I'd like to keep learning more. As for resources, I know of this site...
  2. Flamewheel

    Wi-Fi Trades Flamewheel's "My Player" Thread

    Welcome to Flamewheel's "My Player" Thread! MY INFO My in-game/real name: Summer My Friend Code: 2578 1042 6427 AIM: I have one, but I am looking to change it. I will post my AIM here once I set up a different account. Contact Time: I am not always on PokeBeach (especially during the...