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    Auction Ends At 6:00 PM EST (GMT-5)!!! FIVE MINUTES LEFT! My Entire Binder, $100s Of Dollars Of Card

    AUCTION ENDS AT 6:00 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME (GMT-5), 3:00 PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. COUNTDOWN TIMER: Bids need to be in increments of $10. Auction lasts until the 26th. All my cards are minty-fresh unless...
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    Clash Of Clans

    Does anyone else play this game on iPhone/iPod? I just started and it's extremely fun and addicting.
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    Favorite Movie/TV Show Clips

    If you see a funny scene from a movie or TV show, post it here!
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    Favorite Movies

    What are your guys favorite movies? If you want to discuss more in depth about one of your favorite movies, create a thread in the Entertainment forum. - SR
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    Epic Mafia

    Does anyone else play this? I've started playing it so much. For those who don't know, it's a site that randomly generates small chat mafia games with different roles that have different abilities, like WW except on a much smaller scale (most games take about 10 minutes). It's insanely addicting.
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    Alex's 2012-2013 Season (314 CP)

    Autumn Battle Roads: Tewksbury - Empoleon - 3-1, 4th place Nashua - Empoleon - 3-0, 1st place Lexington - Empoleon - 3-1, 2nd place Medford - Empoleon/Accelgor - 4-1, 1st place Milford - Darkrai/Mewtwo - 4-1, 2nd place 64 Championship Points Fall Regionals: Philadelphia - Darkrai/Mewtwo - 6-2...
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    Does anyone here use a Cube? I saw one being played once it looked very interesting, so I want to build one. But, I only know a few of the rules and don't exactly know what cards are best to have in one. The rules I do know are that any Basics can evolve into any Stage 1s, and any Stage 1s can...
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    WTB: Promo Mewtwo and First Ticket

    Interested in buying xXx Promo Mewtwos and 4 First Tickets. I'd only like to buy the First Ticket either all together or with a Mewtwo. I also can only do concealed cash.
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    Cards with Best Art

    What cards do you guys think have the best art? Post your favorites!
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    Ruling Byes Does this mean byes count as 0% resistance? Or I might have heard somewhere that they were 50%... Also, are first round byes any better? I was told by a Judge that they were good.
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    4 Battle Road Reports

    I'm totally not copying iisnumber12. BR 1: Empoleon Round 1: ??? w/ Scrub.dek - W Round 2: Estrella w/ Ninetales/Amoongus - W Round 3: ??? w/ Eels - W Round 4: Darien w/ Garchomp - L 4th place - 10 points BR 2: Empoleon Round 1: ??? w/ Scrub.dek - W Round 2: Leo w/ DMT - W (He got t1 Darkrai...
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    WTB: PTCGO Codes!

    Already, got everything I need, thanks guys.
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    Darkrai/Hydreigon- WIP

    Darkrai/Hydreigon Darkrai/Hydreigon consists of, obviously, Darkrai and Hydreigon, and almost always Sableye. But similar to Klinklang of last format, a whole variety of techs can be added, such as Sigilyph, Shaymin EX, Mewtwo EX, just to name a few. Darkrai is a good all-around attacker, with...
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    The Competitiveness of Each State

    I made this thread to find out how competitive each state was using the results of Nationals. I used a points formula to award points for how far each person in each state got. The points went like so: Top 128: 1 point. Top 64: 2 points. Top 32: 3 points. Top 16: 4 points. Top 8: 5...
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    Dark Variants Discussion Thread

    Dark VariantsSpearing the trophy Dark variants almost always consist of Darkrai EX. Weavile, Tornadus EX, Mewtwo EX, Zoroark, Shaymin and Smeargle are also sometimes added into the mix. Darkrai is the main attacker, and you power it up with Dark Patch and attack with it hopefully by the second...
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    Alexmf2's 2011/2012 Season, First Year Playing

    Autumn Battle Roads: Hadley - ZPST - 2-2 Tewksbury - ZPST - 4-1, 1st place Lexington - ZPST - 4-0, 1st place Milford - ZPST - 3-2 4 Championship Points. BRs were very hit and miss for me. Fall Regionals: Rhode Island - ZPST - 1-2 drop Got decked from Tyrogue flips round 1 (Had the...
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    Deck Boxes

    Does anyone know of any really cool deck boxes? I'm looking to get a new one because my old one is pretty worn out.
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    Mewtwo, Darkrai, Primes, old EXs! Super cheap!

    Rules: All Pokebeach rules apply. All cards are mint unless otherwise noted. If cards are damaged in any way, I put X/10. If needed, pictures can be supplied. I have LOTS of cards not listed, feel free to ask for some. I use Paypal, but I can do other things if needed. EXs: Mewtwo EX...
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    The Brotherband Chronicles

    It's been a month since it came out, but did anyone else find the second book highly disappointing?
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    Alexmf2's Win-A-Darkrai Tournament Report

    Because the Battle Road for the day was over two hours away, I decided to go to a win-a-Darkrai tournament at my local league. Even if the BR was close I might have decided to do this anyways, I would much rather have a Darkrai than 2 CP. The age divisions were all going to be mixed, but I...