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  1. ShaQuL

    Discussion A completely unusable card in Standard

    I've been sorting my cards out today, moving out of rotation cards into boxes, out of my binders. I just spotted a card that as far as I'm aware, is completely unusable (physically unusable, not just bad haah) in Standard, even though it is legal: Hydreigon 33/70, Dragon Majesty. A very...
  2. ShaQuL

    Alt. Format (UNB) Full Melmetal Wall

    I am a big fan of Metal Pokemon and I'm so glad they've been getting s much support recently, and I am excited for the release of Unbroken Bonds, because I can't wait for Lucario & Melmetal GX! Here is the list I currently have come up with (bearing in mind, no tests were carried out yet)...
  3. ShaQuL

    Standard Metallic Toolbox

    I really like Metal Pokemon, and after playing a semi-consistent Dusk Mane Necrozma GX & Magnezone deck, I decided to give Genesect GX a go. At first I was going for a defensive Genesect GX and Heatran/Magearna deck, but then I pulled Doublade at the pre-release and realised what I really want...