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    Speed Lugia: Gatorade.dec

    Experience: Intermediate/Veteran Pokemon-13 3 Pumpkaboo 3 Gourgeist 3 Lugia EX 4 Deoxys EX Trainers-32 3 Professor Juniper 4 N 2 Shauna 1 Shadow Triad 4 Bicycle 2 Roller Skates 1 Random Receiver 3 Team Plasma Ball 1 Level Ball 3 Ultra Ball 3 Colress Machine 3 Muscle...
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    H: EX, FAs W: XY, Bulk , CYL! Special XY rates!

    Welcome to Kalyst's Trading Thread! Ctrl + F is your friend! (Cards marked in italics in is negotiation for a trade :3) [NEGATIVE SQUARED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B]RULES/GUIDELINES [/B]from your gracious overloard-er, I mean host- 1) I ship within the US only at the moment. Sorry...