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    Pokemon 'Pokemon GO' Question and Answer Session with Developers at E3!

    I mean its similar to Ingress where you're capturing key points on a map that have some sort of significance that's all interfaced into the app and youre not looking at the object in question (albiet it has a backstory to it) And yet something like that has a huge following to the point where...
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    'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'

    I kind of like this little guy! I was mad disappointed when they didn't print an Imakuni type Supporter or Item that auto confused because I wanted to use the XY Inkay with the Evo ability to go into Malamar quicker. But now we get this guy and I'm sure they'll make a nasty Gengar to go along...
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    Pokemon Competitors Arrested for Threatening Gun Violence at Worlds

    So kind of people to assume anyone's head is in their posterior. I'm, alas, not that flexible though I'm sure there's some with a special talent for it... I'm not going on some anti gun spree nor am I "muh rights muh freedoms" either. I'm simply looking at this from the lens of international...
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    Pokemon Competitors Arrested for Threatening Gun Violence at Worlds

    ""The Facebook post above was more than likely another immature, insensitive, and irresponsible post from a stupid individual rather than a serious threat. The Pokemon group he posted in is also known for being “uncensored,” which is the kind of place that attracts idiots who try to be “cool” by...
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    'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'

    There have been enough good players out there that make seemingly bad Pokemon actually function and become a force to be reckoned with (google and Dylan Bryan). Shaymin is still a thing as is Unown to draw outside of Supporters, and you can still use item draw unless a Plume is up and running on...
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    News Lysandre's Trump Card Has Been Banned

    Oops spoke too soon, its now banned. *starts quietly hording Absol EXs* extended will be pure nonsense with Durant, Aggron, devo spray trick shovel and the like. And Toad can be hampered by Supporter energy removal, OHKOs and the new Grass support in the next set. For now though well have to...
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    News Lysandre's Trump Card Has Been Banned

    Hmmm, I dont think Night March could get out of control considering it needs to be very, very careful of not decking out. Enough players of Night March could tell you that Trump isnt nearly the bane of their existence, since all their Battle Comps get shuffled in to start the cycle again, and...
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    More ‘Double Crisis’ Cards Revealed in ‘CoroCoro Ichiban’ [1/21]

    There was alot of text for the new double energy so heres to hoping they update the card properly and not give it the drawback of discarding. Magma Aqua Ball should just (hopefully) be like Plasma Ball. This is such a tiny set that making it just search for any Team specific Pokemon regardless...
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    XY40 Ditto Promo in ‘Primal Clash’ 3-Pack Blisters [1/19]

    Since I am collecting all of XY Promos, I dont necessarily care for "viability" as much as ability to find it. Now here's the big question-when are we getting the Fighting Pangoro? D:
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    ‘Pokemon Shuffle’ Announced for February, Charizard Amiibo [1/14]

    Is no one going to talk about dat CHIZARD AMIIBO? My poor wallet, Nintendo wai u do dis? Im only collecting all the female Amiibos, Pokemon Amiibos, and Kid Iccarus Amiibos :3 So Charizard is definitely the top of my Pre-order lists :3
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    'Primal Clash' Prerelease Promo Kingdra [1/6]

    I go to support my local TOs and to keep the pre-release amounts healthy. Because it matters to keep these events going. I know people still wish for the pre-release sleeves and other goodies we used to get but I don't half mind the promos we get because you're still paying about 3.75 a pack...
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    Team Aqua's Kyogre-EX, Team Magma's Groudon-EX from 'Double Crisis' [1/12] Its a homage to a World Championship deck and a nod to the old achytype of the old EX R/S/E series. And the other card features the "polar" opposites. So I don't really see how its not thematically appropriate given the meaning of...
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    Wailord-EX, Trevenant-EX, M Aggron-EX, Others from 'Primal Clash!' [11/30]

    Soon cool. This proves that TPCI can actually sync up with Japan but won't because they want to stick to their own scehdules. Nice to know. On a lighter note, DAT WAILORD! LOL
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    'Phantom Forces' Blister Promos + Theme Deck Lists [10/30]

    On the topic of "recommended starting products"-I love the Xerneas vs Yvetal decks because they come with alot of the more relevant staples in more acceptable counts and you have two full 60 card decks instead of 1 mediocre one. Dont get me wrong there are some neat surprisingly good choices for...
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    'Phantom Forces' Talonflame Blister, Binders [9/26]

    But they're soooo painfully generic looking ;-; I'd like the sets art (or heck even the Japanese tongue waggling M-Gengar) like they do for the MTG binders if anyone's seen those before. Then I'd be more interested in buying them :( But ofc can't go wrong with a blank binder that you can...
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    (1) Gallade-EX Promo Translation [9/26]

    *headdesks* Awwww mannn and it was looking sortta promising too...but I will agree art got a tad bit... lazy (?) Even with the next sets Psychic support it still can't play it into playability like Mewtwo EX (who still remains playable though), Gengar EX, Trevenant (his attack now is sorta...
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    'Tidal Storm' and 'Gaia Volcano' Japan's Next Sets! [9/22]

    They were probably just too lazy honestly. If they get the files in to translate but then have to go the extra mile to have to redo the lettering with the English iteration/translation, why bother? After all, the Japanese text on English in the US has no bearing on what the physical card text...
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    Absol-EX, M Absol-EX, and Pikachu Full Art Promos! [9/18]

    And worlds promos aren't ever supposed to be playable since they're so exclusive. They screwed the pooch on that one and messed up both print runs for the Japanese. And the only reason anyone touched it was after google Cawthon threw it in a deck and then people started realizing it could be used...
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    Primal Groudon-EX in 'Hoenn Collection Box' - Product Image! [9/8]

    Oh yeah thats right running on 3 hours of sleep constantly for graduation is making me forget sets. But yeah, not that a new one whouldn't be in order, but I want them to well...not suck? Dunno if that's too much to ask XD
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    Primal Groudon-EX in 'Hoenn Collection Box' - Product Image! [9/8]

    Sooo Primal Reversion won't block Flare Tool cards? It says excluding Tools so...? Also, are we getting a new Groudon EX or a reprint? Cause the only Groudon/Kyogre EX's were in Dragons Exalted. The hype is real!