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    do u have a discord? or a phone? or a facebook? Or literally any way to talk to u other than...

    do u have a discord? or a phone? or a facebook? Or literally any way to talk to u other than skype? :<
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    Holy crap you're alive. Welcome back (:

    Holy crap you're alive. Welcome back (:
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    'Steam Siege,' America's XY11 Set in August!

    While this is usually the case, it is not 100%. In Generations, Revitalizer and Red card got flipped around. There's always the small chance that this happened here as well, whether due to an accident, or due to TPCI deciding to add the card in last minute. Nothing is really official until...
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    Event Kansas Regionals Top 32 Report

    Disclaimer: Mods please move this is in the wrong spot. Wasn't sure where to put this. Hey PokeBeach! Back with another tournament report, this time for Kansas Regionals which happened last weekend. The tournament featured 176 masters which would be 8 rounds and top 8 playing off day 2. I...
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    Ruling Will Fates Collide be legal for UK National Championships?

    Fates Collide will **NOT** be legal for the UK National Championships. Sets are not legal until 3 weeks after the release date. The release date for Fates Collide in the UK is May 4th (today!!) which means it will not be legal until May 25th for tournament play.
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    RMT Team Invincible (Peaked #19)

    It's never too late for BW UU :^)
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    RMT Team Invincible (Peaked #19)

    Psychic allowed you to hit poison-types, which was huge in 5th generation because Nidoking/Queen and Crobat were top tier threats in this generation. Flying would be better against heracross specifically but psychic hit a wider variety of things supereffectively.
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    Strategy Hardest Pokemon to use in OU

    I've always found Gengar rather hard to use in OU. It's such a frail pokemon that even though it has 3 immunities, it can still be difficult to switch it in safely. It also doesn't have any form of reliable recovery, so sets that focus on defensive tactics like Substitute, Will-o-Wisp, or...
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    Guide Type of Teams In VGC

    I haven't tested it yet so I'm not certain. Xerneas is popular to run alongside kyogre as well from what I've seen. It counters dragons well, and Pokemon like Palkia and Mega Ray can give it trouble. Some people like to run both primals, which is pretty cool. Also, the eternal question with the...
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    Guide Type of Teams In VGC

    VGC doesn't have traditional roles for teams like OU does - Hyper Offense, Balance, Stall, etc. for a few reasons. Stall simply can't exist because there is too much firepower. Even defensive behemoths like Giratina, Lugia, or Blissey will fall rather quickly. On the switch side, Hyper...
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    Strategy Accuracy Discussion

    Well, Precipice Blades and Earth Power come from completely different sets. Running Earth Power usually denotes a more specially-orented set, which opens the floor up for Groudon to make full use of Eruption. Running Earthquake over Precipice Blades I can definitely understand. It does target...
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    Event One Approved - 2016 Season Reports - Finally Won One

    Just you. This year we have/had cities every Saturday and Sunday for 3 weeks after Christmas. We used to do a marathon but for whatever reason we didn't this yead
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    Event One Approved - 2016 Season Reports - Finally Won One

    Ayyy this is where I'm gonna put all my 2016 season reports and stuff. I would have put one up earlier but I didn't go to any regionals so I didn't have a chance to. TL;DR of my season thus far: 4 LCs at which I went 3-2, 3-2, 3-1-1, and 3-1-1. never made top 4. 4 or 5 cities. I went 4-2 at an...
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    Activity VGC Format 2016

    Dialga, definitely. It has a cool support movepool (ie: Trick Room), huge base stats, it doesn't take up a mega slot, and its typing lets it combat other dragons incredibly well. It was very popular last time they allowed ubers, if I remember correctly, and I don't think this time will be any...
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    Strategy PokeBeach's Official Sixth Generation Ban List (OU)

    It's a weird scenario with Mega Sableye. It's not necessarily that he's "OP" or that he "Walls a huge portion of the metagame" or anything like that, it's more that he just makes hazards completely irrelevant. Ferrothorn, Skarmory, Hippowdon, and most other hazard setters become completely...
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    Strategy PokeBeach's Official Sixth Generation Ban List (OU)

    Yeah it was one of the closer votes I've seen. It kind of makes sense though. A lot of the discussion was whether Sablenite was broken, or whether it was the combination of shadow tag + Sablenite. So for now at least, we'll get to see how the meta game develops with only mega sableye in it. I'm...
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    Strategy Preferred Tier & Playstyle Discussion

    As most people know, I've been a fan of UU since way back in DPP. I haven't played nearly as much recently, but I played it a ton in BW. I like UU because it's generally the most balanced of the tiers. DPP UU is in my opinion the most balanced tier to ever exist, and BW/ORAS UU have definitely...
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    Activity VGC Format 2016

    Doubles is a completely different meta game remember. While something like Mega Ray is so beyond broken in singles that it got banned even from UBERS, doubles will be a different ballgame. Unless you're using something like Surf (lol) mega Ray can only attack one Pokemon at a time, leaving it...
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    Strategy PokeBeach's Official Sixth Generation Ban List (OU)

    So smogon ha scanned Shadow Tag (thank god) from OU and Sablenite has remained OU in an extremely close vote. Will we be following suit?