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  1. iSharingan

    I see you found me on Switch :P I sent a DA note seeing as you've been there more recently, but...

    I see you found me on Switch :P I sent a DA note seeing as you've been there more recently, but if you get ahold of me, easies way is my Discord (its my Switch profile name,so it should be easy enough to find me)
  2. iSharingan

    Pokémon Bruxish Hacked?

    PPups add 1 PP for every 5 original PP. Thus a move with 5 PP will have 8 max with 3 PP ups used/1 PP max, whereas a move with 15 pp will have 24 PP after a PP max. Pcalc is a thing for 3DS RNG abuse - and 'SoS chanining' yields both a higher shiny rate and better IVs, so its possible its...
  3. iSharingan

    Now that I actually have a console that plays it I find I'm kinda on the Splatoon 2 hype train...

    Now that I actually have a console that plays it I find I'm kinda on the Splatoon 2 hype train. FC is 2251-7596-9802 if anyone's interested.
  4. iSharingan

    Whee. I ask to be removed from the werewolf room in the discord chat and instead get...

    Whee. I ask to be removed from the werewolf room in the discord chat and instead get accidentally kicked from the entire room... Good job :P
  5. iSharingan

    Guide Competitive Item Guide

    just to let you know: most of your animated pokemon were moved/deleted from your photobucket Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't aware they broke that quickly. It's fixed now - Prof P
  6. iSharingan

    Strategy Z-Move Discussion

    I cant help but notice the lack of Inferno Overdrive via Overheat in your list. You get an insane 195 base power and not take the stat drop, then can go into Overheat [again... kinda] before halving your SAtk and possibly needing to switch. Not the best ever, but certainly on-or-above the level...
  7. iSharingan

    Pokémon Thoughts on Silvady : a Non-Legendary Arceus?

    Hate to bump so late, but ironically I've seen Type: Null to be used more than Silvally thus far. Dat 95/95/95 plus eviolite defenses and crit immunity are hard to beat down, since the only things that change on evolution, really, are speed and ability.
  8. iSharingan

    Help Was missing No. a legal Pokemon in the tournaments for Pokemon Red and Blue?

    Mew wasn't even 'deemed' too strong. There were a select few who knew about the "Mew Glitch" (Which wasn't posted to the public until just before the gen 3 remakes of R/G) early enough to use it, but just the same it's high base stats, access to literally every TM and HM move, plus the broken...
  9. iSharingan

    Help Does the parents Attack IV matter if I don't care about the offspring's Attack IV

    If those really ae the parents' IVs then that child is impossible. Destiny Knot guarantees 5 IVs will be passed down from either parent (in any combination taken from the two parents) leaving only 1 of the 6 stats random. Given the quoted values, the chances are it's really the SDef stat that is...
  10. iSharingan

    Help Parental Bond?

    fun fact: if an effect takes place immediately after a move hits, the effect will happen after each hit with Parental Bond. This is most commonly seen with Power Up Punch and to a lesser extent with Rock Slide's flinch change and Dizzy Punch's confusion chance, but it even extends to spalch...
  11. iSharingan

    Strategy How Competitive Will Gen 7 Be?

    TBH, I dont see the alola forms doing too well at all. So far every pokemon introduced with a new form has at least 1 new 4x weakness (Ice for Exeggutor-A, Steel for Ninetales-A, Fighting AND Fire for Sandslash-A). That and some of the new designs just... *looks at Alola Exeggutor and shudders*...
  12. iSharingan

    Help Guidance for the overwhelmed

    Just a reminder, since it's still kinda new on the forums here (and largely untapped): we have competitive tutors here now, myself included. I'd be more than happy to sit down with you (metaphorically ofc, and all of the other tutors are available, too) and discuss things 1 on 1 and one at a...
  13. iSharingan

    Help Is Fake Out Really Good?

    Fake out on Khan lets you hit twice with a reasonably powerful, high priority STAB on the turn you activate your mega stone (making up for the fact that you're still at base 75 speed on that turn since speed order is set at the start of the turn). It also guarantees the flinch (bar pokemon with...
  14. iSharingan

    Help Care to help me make my singles team?

    I'd be more than happy to tutor you (that is my role here, after all), but keep in mind I wont be doing the team-building work for you. I do have plenty of great pokemon at my disposal I could give to use as parents for breeding your own in-game, though (when the team is ready to actually be...
  15. iSharingan

    Pokémon Uncommon Pokémon Sets

    Makes sense. I may have to try that now (last time I used Bisharp seriously was pre-ORAS, so Knock Off wasn't legal for a gen 6 native one).
  16. iSharingan

    Pokémon Uncommon Pokémon Sets

    Isn't the point of Pursuit to hit them as they switch out (for double the damage if they stayed in - and at +7 priority, I might add)? Speed is often irrelevant on Bisharp, anyway, as it can carry Sucker Punch to (1) have priority and (2) hit harder if a mon stays in and attacks (requires better...
  17. iSharingan

    Finished PokeBeach's Favorite Pokemon (Season 2)

    Hey. I know I voted like first thing when you updated the new round. Dunno what all the others are doing...
  18. iSharingan

    Pokémon Uncommon Pokémon Sets

    Unfortunately, that's not OU. If it was singles, it still wouldn't be OU considering every member (on both sides) bar Hitmontop and Smeargle are classified as Ubers (and are banned from OU play). That's VGC 2016 and Hitmontop is actually very useful in the VGC format (albeit less common). In any...
  19. iSharingan

    Pokémon Uncommon Pokémon Sets

    It's a very niche set. For that pair kinda it works, but an experienced opponent in an organized format (IE: OU Doubles/VGC) would destroy it. Lucario doesn't have the bulk to use Follow Me more than once or twice, much less reliably Roar out opponents (as boosting rarely happens in VGC due to...
  20. iSharingan

    Guide Team Builder's Workshop

    Cant really help on question 1 (as I've retreated more to VGC than OU right now), but I can help on the other two 2.) Togekiss. Fairies are a steel magnet and with Fire blast and a physically defensive build, Togekiss can tank a Choice Band Scizor's Bullet Punch and KO with Fire Blast...