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  1. Mokoko

    Favorite Pokemon Card Art

    Whats your favorite Pokemon Card Art?
  2. Mokoko

    Mokoko's Selling Thread (Im back with some newer stuff) :)

    RULES 1) I really prefer Paypal (Gift or you pay the fees) or Concealed Cash 2) I ship my cards in a sleeve, a toploader and a plain white envelope 3) You make the first offer. 4) I ship to US ONLY! 5) I might be willing to lower prices. Haves Ultra Rares: x2 Reshiram EX (non FA) (2 Promo) x1...
  3. Mokoko

    Celebi Variants (Metagame Deck Center)

    Celebi and Friends! Intro After winning the European Challenge Cup and storming through State Championships, Celebi Variants (Celebi/Mewtwo EX/Tornadus in particular) proved themselves to be one of the top 2 decks at the time (though not living up to that name at Regional Championships...
  4. Mokoko

    Ruling Crushing Ice and Dark Cloak

    Would Crushing Ice do an extra 20 damage to a Darkrai EX with a Dark energy attached to it or would Dark Cloak make it so that there was no energy cost in his retreat cost?
  5. Mokoko

    Need Help Getting Into Competitive Pokemon Playing

    Hey, I'm Mokoko, another Pokemon Video Game newbie and I was wondering if I could get some help getting into it. I have Pokemon Online but have very little knowledge on teambuilding and strategy. I do have a little bit of knowledge on EVs/IVs. I've tried to get into it but have given up and gone...
  6. Mokoko

    Ruling Junk arm with 1 other card in your hand

    If you have 2 cards in your hand (a junk arm and another card) can you use junk arm by only discarding the one other card in your hand to get a trainer from the discard? I was wondering because on the Pokemon TCG Online game, it allowed me to do this.
  7. Mokoko

    Mareepman's 1st place with Gothitelle/Reuniclus BR report

    Well, this is my first tournament report so here goes! So the night before I was really unprepared for this Battle Road. I had no deck, it was getting pretty late for me, and I had to make my little brother a deck (because he's and is very new to pokemon). Since I pretty much had nothing...
  8. Mokoko

    WTB: A Tornadus EX

    Hello there! I am looking to buy a Tornadus EX for as cheap as possible. I can only pay through paypal. Please make offers! Thanks for looking!
  9. Mokoko

    Back (I think?)-W:Plasma H: Stuff

    I only trade to the United States RULES 1) Please NO ripping or scamming 2) Rep rule applies 3) I ship my cards in a sleeve, a toploader and a REGULAR WHITE ENVELOPE. I expect you to do at least the same. 4) I will only trade for real cards. (No WC cards, fakes, etc.) 5) I trade for English...